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By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Celebrating our success with the first payout of Stock Together.

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On today’s special time-traveling Up To Speed, host Andy Choi met Future Andy, his future older self, and together they shared an update on our Stock Together program.

Last week, Christy joined us on Up To Speed Live to break down the first payout of our Stock Together program. She mentioned that the first payout would be available in your Fidelity account on March 9, 2021. That means that one-third of the Stock Together grant you received last year has now vested and is now available to you.

In order to access that money, head to NetBenefits. You can do that from About You, but you will need to activate your Fidelity account if you haven’t already done so. To learn more about all things Stock Together — including information on your Long Term Incentive and what happens next with your grant — visit

Future Andy also reminded Present Andy that the new Stock Together award for 2021 was granted on March 1, and you’ll be able to view that award in your Fidelity accounts on March 31.

We thank Future Andy for the helpful tips.*

*If, at any point, you see your future self, please see a doctor or time travel specialist.

If you have any questions about your Stock Together award, email them to

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