05/22/2020|Inside Verizon

This one’s for our military.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

The many ways our V Team is taking part in National Military Appreciation Month.

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National Military Appreciation Month has been full of V Teamers making sure our military feels the love and support in a variety of ways. It’s no wonder Verizon was named the #1 Military Friendly Company for three straight years!

So many of our V Teamers are making sure they “Carry The Load” -- taking walks to honor the sacrifices of our military and their families.

Check out our V Team in Hawaii and Alaska, as they walk Forward Together in some very creative, coordinated ways, all to support our military.

Of course, Carry The Load is just one of many ways you can virtually give back to our military. Check out our volunteer portal to learn more.

As we approach Memorial Day and remember our fallen soldiers, we’re hoping you take some time to honor those we’ve lost. Take a moment to raise your flag, share stories, and remember the sacrifice as we pay our respects this Monday.

Speaking of serving our country, social distancing couldn’t stop a neighborhood near Seattle from welcoming Chief Master Sergeant Rick Marston, finally coming home after retiring from the US Air Force after 27 years of service. Chief Marston’s wife Jean is one of our network engineers and a huge advocate for military spouses. Welcome home, Chief Marston, and thank you to the entire Marston family!

We leave you with Verizon Business Group’s Brian Jonson and his cause to give veterans one last salute. The Solutions Architect from Cincinnati volunteers with Bugles Across America. With requests from as far as 100 miles away, Brian aims to give as many families as possible a sense of closure, and the respect every military veteran deserves.

Finally, if you watched Monday’s Up To Speed Live, you were probably wondering, “Where can I get that cool new Verizon military apparel?” We’ve got a link to order our rebranded camo-themed gear. And even better, a part of the proceeds will go towards veteran nonprofits on behalf of Verizon.

Tell us what you think of Up To Speed.

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