Going to Miami...

By: Raquel Wilson
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

and Dallas too! Welcoming our new 5G MEC cities. Plus, Business and Verizon Ventures news.

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On today’s Up To Speed, Jess, Matt and Raquel shared the following news:

The latest 5G MEC cities

Citizens of Dallas and Miami, even if your pro football teams are causing groans this year, you still have reason to smile. That’s because Dallas and Miami are our latest 5G MEC cities. Get ready to enjoy the ultra-low latency and blazing speed of the fastest network in the world.

Smarter, safer transportation

Verizon is working with companies including Renovo and Savari to bring game-changing new technology to our streets and freeways.

Savari specializes in V2X technology, which connects vehicles to everything in the immediate vicinity including other vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. For example, when a car breaks unexpectedly, a warning message can warn vehicles directly behind the breaking car, slowing the cars via auto-response systems and preventing accidents in situations in which the driver wasn’t even aware of the problem ahead.

Another key part of this emerging technology is Renovo’s onboard data management system which handles the immense amount of data that comes from a test vehicle’s cameras, sensors and LIDAR system.

All of these next-generation solutions that involve near instantaneous communications between moving objects would not be possible without the speed and reliability of Verizon’s 5G network and the hyper-local processing and low-latency response speeds of our MEC Edge computing.

Sellside analyst meeting

Yesterday afternoon, Verizon hosted a virtual sellside analyst meeting with Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg and senior executives. Topics included our overall strategy, network leadership and business updates.

Investing in Cellwize

Verizon Ventures connects innovators with smart funding, access to technological expertise, product development support and commercialization channels. Earlier this week, Cellwize, a global leader in mobile network automation and orchestration announced Verizon Ventures’ contribution to its Series B-Round.

Verizon Business

Did you know that 28% of data breach victims are small businesses? That’s why, Verizon is introducing Business Internet Secure, powered by Cisco and BlackBerry Smart Antivirus, to help small businesses protect against cybersecurity threats.

According to a Verizon Business Small Business Survey, 38% of small businesses report that they have moved to remote work, making security a higher priority.

Verizon’s Business Internet Secure helps protect small businesses from internal and external security threats, which can help maintain the safety of digital customer and business records. The solutions provide protection at two vulnerable points, where attacks typically occur: Employee devices and the internet.

This follows last week’s announcement of Business Mobile Secure, which is included in select Verizon Business’ new unlimited plans.

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