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By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

How Verizon 5G is playing a crucial role in the future of augmented-reality gaming.

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Andy had been looking forward to a quiet, peaceful visit to his hometown of Chicago. But what did he find at our flagship Verizon store on Michigan Avenue?

Monsters. Lots of them. (But, like, the fun kind.)

On today’s Up To Speed, Andy got a taste of Urban Legends, the new Niantic multi-player AR game that puts the power of Verizon’s 5G Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) on full display. Ruben Cuadrat, Senior Manager-Technology Strategy, gave Andy the inside scoop on one of the coolest new ways to optimize your gaming experience with Verizon.

“In this game, you see lots of creatures moving back and forth. I can see you shooting on them, I can see you,” said Ruben, as he and Andy played. “It’s so awesome, so immersive. You need a lot to compute, and it has to be very quick.”

Ruben and Andy weren’t the only ones blown away. “Oh man, it’s just awesome. It’s in real time,” added Retail Specialist Xavier Gablin. “Sometimes when you’re experiencing gaming, you see lag. But with 5G, there’s no lag at all.”

Andy was even able to enjoy the multi-player AR experience with a fellow gaming enthusiast Brian Choi, a.k.a. Andy’s brother. “I’ve never played something like that, although I’ve played Pokémon GO before,” said Brian. “It’s similar. It’s also brand new. I’m excited to see what 5G offers in terms of expanding on what they’ve created.”

Gaming is one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment industry and 5G offers groundbreaking ways to enjoy it, for new fans and experienced gamers alike.

“There’s now a new set of experiences that we can bring to customers that were not possible before, so this pushes the value to the next level,” said Ruben. “And that’s what we do. We bring value to customers. And there’s much more ahead in the days to come.”

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