Celebrating the launch of a 5G milestone.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Kyle and Ronan share their excitement and thanks. Plus, a V Teamer stars in our new spot.

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On today’s special edition of Up To Speed Live, Andy was in our Chicago Innovation Lab, which is on the second floor of our destination retail store on the Magnificent Mile. Andy was joined virtually by Ronan Dunne and Kyle Malady to share an incredible moment in Verizon history.

Earlier today, during Apple’s live keynote, Hans was on stage with Apple CEO Tim Cook discussing how all the 5G pieces have now come together and how our infrastructure will shape the future.

  • Our 5G Nationwide coverage is reaching more than 200 million people across the United States.
  • We’re doubling down on the expansion of our 5G Ultra Wideband network, as our speeds also double, with peak download speeds now reaching 4 Gbps.
  • Add into the equation the launch of the new iPhone, which will support both 5G Nationwide and 5G Ultra Wideband.

Add it all up and we can say with confidence, 5G just got real.

Kyle shared the following updates.

  • Our 5G network: We’re the only provider in the world to offer 5G Nationwide and 5G Ultra Wideband in more than 50 cities, with more than 60 markets to be lit up by the end of 2020. Our Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is available in five cities, with five more coming by year’s end. And, MEC will unlock the full promise of 5G.
  • mmWave: The unprecedented speed of 5G mmWave gives us a competitive advantage. We are talking download speeds now over 4Gbps. And, that happens through massive investments in fiber and network technology to build the infrastructure that will shape the future.
  • Capacity: Amazing things happen when you’re able to take advantage of the massive capacity of our network. We’re all very excited football is back, and when it’s truly back with crowds and fans in the stands, our partnership with the NFL will bring you closer to the action in real time. 5G will revolutionize the fan experience, both in the stadium and at home.
  • Ultra-low latency: That low latency means no lag, which is crucial for gaming. We have a partnership with Riot Games, where 5G will help enable cloud gaming. Low latency means you can play games wherever you are.
  • The engine behind all those great experiences? Our 5G network.

Ronan shared his thanks for the work that Kyle and the entire Network team has done. He celebrates this endorsement from Apple of our incredible accomplishment which will be absolutely transformative for our customers.

  • The message is clear: Our 5G network represents strength, reliability, and the technical capabilities worthy of that 5G icon.
  • With our 5G network we’re able to offer a number of game-changing partnerships including “only-on-Verizon” experiences that consumers have been thinking about and anticipating for years. Our NFL partnership will revolutionize the fan experience, our Riot partnership is enabling the freedom to game anywhere, and our New York Times partnership changes the way we consume information.
  • It all comes together because on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network, amazing things happen.

New 5G t-shirt

Congratulations to all V Teamers on this historic day and if you want that great ‘5G just got real’ t-shirt that Andy and Ronan were wearing, you can get it here. Note: this site is experiencing considerable traffic, and is being monitored.

If you have any questions, email them to live@verizon.com.

Click here for a transcript of the webcast.

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