Some advice straight from 'The West Wing.'

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

On today’s Up To Speed, cybersecurity and career tips from our new CISO.

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On today’s Up To Speed Live, Andy was joined by Chief Information Security Officer Nasrin Rezai. Andy shared the following updates.

Earnings Watch and Win.

We are just two days away from 3Q Earnings Day. Join us this Wednesday, October 21, for the 3Q20 Earnings Webcast on Up To Speed Live, when we will be live with Hans and our leadership team.

Tune in to find out how you can win a new Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G. Think your odds are long? What if we told you we’re not just giving away one device or even two. We’re giving away 10 Samsung Galaxy Note20 5Gs! But you’re gonna have to watch to be eligible to win.

Our latest acquisition: Bluegrass Cellular

Today, we've signed an agreement to acquire certain assets of Bluegrass Cellular, a rural wireless operator serving central Kentucky. Bluegrass Cellular provides wireless service to 210,000 customers in 34 counties in rural central Kentucky. We expect the transaction to close late this year or early next year. To our Bluegrass Cellular employees, welcome to the V Team.

Our new CISO: Nasrin Rezai

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month which makes today a perfect time to meet Nasrin Rezai, our new Chief Information Security Officer. Nasrin has three kids and has been in the technology sector for over 20 years, including her last job at General Electric.

In terms of career advice, especially for women thinking about leadership roles, Nasrin said she learned from Leo McGarry, a character on “The West Wing,” who said, “If you don’t like what they’re asking you, don’t accept the premise of the question.”

Key cybersecurity takeaways

Security is a shared responsibility and is reflected in the actions we take on a daily basis. That includes what websites we choose to view, what documents we choose to share and what information we share with family members and friends.

Take a moment to change the way you think about cybersecurity. Don’t think of it as some abstract concept that doesn’t apply to you. Think about it like your physical self and physical health. It’s about making the right choices. We have tools and resources that are available to help you be cyber healthy at work and at home. For V Teamers, search “Cyber Health” on VZWeb to learn more.

Nasrin pointed out the theme of this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month is “Do your part. Be cyber smart.” She wants cybersecurity to not feel scary but instead something we do for our own lives, for our work, and that we think about it every day. She encourages everyone to check out the available resources online, including Cyber Escape Rooms, which are fun games with chances to win real prizes.

The Paranoids

Sean Zadig, CISO at Verizon Media, shared a fun video from his information security team that calls themselves “The Paranoids.” The video makes a point about the importance of using strong passwords.

My Verizon app

The app is not only the best way for customers to access all things Verizon but also the safest way. Sasha Lucas, VP of Consumer Experience, describes the app as “Safe. Simple. For me.”. The app can be used on its own and as a second screen when a customer is talking to a customer support representative.

Allstate Identity Protection

For U.S.-based management, West associates, and U.S. Verizon Media Group, your Annual Enrollment opens today and goes until October 29. We also want to share more about a new benefit focused around Identity Theft protection.

New for 2021, identity theft monitoring through Allstate Identity Protection will allow you to see your digital footprint and get alerts for data breaches that may have impacted you. The service also gives you step-by-step procedures to fix the issues. If your identity is stolen, identity specialists are available 24/7.

And, the $1 Million dollar identity theft reimbursement policy that’s included means that many of your out-of-pocket costs to restore your identity are covered. You don’t have to do anything for this benefit; all U.S. employees will be automatically enrolled effective January 1, 2021 at no cost. You’ll have the option to add dependents at a special rate. If you don’t want this benefit, you’ll be able to opt out.

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