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Dr. Jessica Grubb answers V Teamer questions related to COVID-19 vaccines. Plus, a full news rundown.

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Today on Up To Speed, host Diana Alvear, welcomed special guests Rebecca Laming and Dr. Jessica Grubb and shared the following updates:

You can still Huddle

If you missed our electrifying 4Q Huddle with Hans, other senior leaders and a wall of smiling V Teamers, make sure you watch it today. Let’s get fired up and win the most important quarter of the year!

Business Unlimited 2.0

Our business customers have some new choices based on their feedback. Business Unlimited 2.0 is the next step in the evolution of Verizon's unlimited offering to business customers, with more for less, including mobile hotspot on every plan option and increased premium data, all available on our 5G network. “These plans coupled with the most powerful network as well as the most attractive device offers in the marketplace is a recipe for huge success,” said Business Marketing leader Jeff Dietel. Congrats to the team on the launch and another reason customers should choose Verizon.

Customer Service Appreciation Week

Our V Team culture is deeply rooted in customer-centricity. And no one understands better what it takes to make our customers smile every day than those on the front lines. So every year, during the Customer Service Appreciation Week, we celebrate all our customer-facing employees and those who support them every day. That includes our customer service, inside sales, retail V Teamers, front-line techs and everyone who works behind the scenes to make it possible for them to do their jobs. You are Verizon’s cheerleaders and today we cheer for you!

Discussion with Dr. Jessica Grubb

We know some of you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccines. Senior Communications Manager Rebecca Laming sat down with Dr. Jessica Grubb, who is an Anthem National Accounts medical director and board-certified in Infectious Diseases.

“COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the globe, but there is one piece of good news,” said Dr. Grubb. “The three approved vaccines are working very well, including against the new Delta variant. They all greatly reduce the risk of hospitalization and death.”

Watch the episode to hear the many specifics Dr. Grubb shares on the vaccines. Please speak with your healthcare provider if you have any questions on the data and facts from today’s episode.

Thanks to Rebecca and Dr. Grubb for all of this valuable information.

Smart Home Nation

Before we go, don’t forget to check out the latest vignette about 5G Home on Smart Home Nation on the FYI Network. You can catch it tonight at 10 PM ET/ 7 PM PT. The show explores state-of-the-art smart houses with a wow factor, which makes 5G Home a perfect fit.

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