Family matters.

By: Jessica Bonardi

How V Teamer Isaac Carson nearly became a single dad.

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On today’s episode of Up To Speed, we meet Isaac Carson, a Customer Service Senior Manager based in Canton, Georgia.

Isaac began his journey at Verizon by learning the ropes at the Alpharetta, Georgia, call center. However, shortly afterwards the idea of working from home began to surface and he admitted being concerned about career progression in that new environment and what that might look like. He says he decided to take it as an opportunity to build the ultimate work-from-home environment.

“Work-from-home environment is really unique – and it can be challenging,” Isaac said. “When I'm at work I'm committed to work, but what's really nice about that is the time you gain back in your day is so valuable.”

Thanks to the flexibility within his role, he’s able to take his son Lucas to school daily – time he described as invaluable.

Isaac also shared a personal family story regarding his wife’s struggles to conceive. “We had fertility trouble in between the first and second,” Isaac said. “We had a few miscarriages in between which made us grow really strong.”

The delivery of their second son Ben was difficult as Isaac shared the fear and reality of almost losing his wife. Thankfully, his family is okay and he shared how thankful he is for Verizon’s benefits package, which truly helped his family throughout the birth of his youngest son.

“Whether it be the benefits, the career opportunities, working from home,” Isaac said. “We’re in this amazing large company that has so many opportunities, and I would just say seize it.”

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