Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband keeps football fans connected in all 30 NFL Stadiums

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Use of mmWave spectrum in NFL stadiums creates a premium experience for Verizon customers

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NEW YORK – Following the recent completion of network upgrades in three stadiums, Verizon provides a differentiated, premium experience for football fans across the U.S. with 5G Ultra Wideband service available in all 30 NFL stadiums. Fans with a Verizon 5G compatible device will now experience the massive capacity and reliable performance of 5G Ultra Wideband using Millimeter Wave (mmWave) spectrum in stadiums so they can watch game highlights, keep tabs on their fantasy leagues and players’ stats, and use their phones for concession payments with ease.

“Verizon has made this investment in 5G Ultra Wideband to ensure that when thousands of fans gather together they can rely on their connection and have an awesome experience,” said Joe Russo, EVP & President of Global Networks and Technology at Verizon. “Using our premium, high-band mmWave spectrum, Verizon customers in every NFL stadium can share the action on the field on social media, and connect with other fans.”

Verizon engineers have deployed 5G Ultra Wideband service using Millimeter Wave (mmWave), its premium, high-band spectrum which allows for extremely fast speeds and massive capacity in crowded venues. The massive 5G capacity created by the use of mmWave spectrum provides a differentiated experience in parts or all of the NFL’s 30 stadiums for Verizon customers who are regularly using more than 1 TB of data at NFL games.

The deployment of 5G Ultra Wideband in all stadiums is the latest advancement in Verizon’s long-standing partnership with the NFL, which includes enabling coach-to-coach communications with a managed private wireless solution in all stadiums. Verizon and the NFL also recently announced team sponsorships with the Washington Commanders, Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers, and Jacksonville Jaguars, and an extended partnership with the New York Jets and New York Giants, all of which include upgrades to stadium connectivity and the fan experience.

For stadium operators, Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband allows them to create and deliver a first-class fan experience enabling autonomous or cashierless retail, accelerated access, crowd analytics, and more. These solutions are part of the broader Verizon Business Connected Venue approach, which is rooted in its 5G investment in more than 75 large public venues in the United States, including some of the most iconic major sports and music venues. Verizon brings a mix of public and private network capabilities, a robust technology ecosystem, and 5G partnerships that enable leagues, teams, and stadium operators to achieve desired venue operations outcomes.

For fans who haven’t experienced Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband and are looking to enhance their game day experience, sign up for Verizon Free Trial and get unlimited premium data on 5G Ultra Wideband, our fastest 5G network for 30 days for free, without disrupting your existing service. Simply download the My Verizon app (iOS or Android) on an unlocked phone and start Verizon Free Trial today. In order to experience Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband in stadiums, customers need to turn off WiFi on their devices.

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