Our children are our future: A conversation about technology in education

Verizon’s Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer Rose Kirk hosts a conversation about the future of education and the importance of technology in schools.

Our children are the future of our world, and their ability to perform, lead, and work in the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution depends entirely on our nation’s education system to adequately prepare them. We need great people with the technical skills to power our future, yet America is in danger of falling behind our global competitors when it comes to developing technical talent and that challenge starts in our schools.

In this conversation hosted by the BUILD Studios in New York City, Verizon’s Rose Stuckey Kirk speaks with Kevin Boles, Principal of Franklin D. Roosevelt Middle School in Bristol, PA and Ziad Ahmed, social activist and founder of redefy.org about the future of education, and the impact of technology, or lack thereof, in schools.

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