Here are the most recent changes to our Privacy Policy.

We review and update our Privacy Policy to reflect the changes that come with the development of new products, services, technologies and uses of information. In addition, we occasionally make organizational, stylistic and grammatical changes to make our policy easier to read. Below you’ll find an overview of the changes that have been made in the past six months.

November 2021

We updated the privacy policy to describe our new Custom Experience program and the choices you have about participating. The program allows us to personalize your experiences and interactions with us using information that we have about you, including the websites you visit and apps you use on your mobile devices. We also updated the name of the Verizon Selects program to Custom Experience Plus. Information in both programs is used only by Verizon and not for third party advertising purposes.  We also updated our instructions for handling interest-based advertising opt-out on your mobile devices to reflect recent changes made by the mobile operating system providers.  

August 2021

We updated the privacy policy to reflect that we are no longer sharing data with Verizon Media. In addition, to align our policies, we repeated here the Fios privacy policy descriptions of data we share with analytics companies when you watch Fios TV content on your mobile device or on the Fios website. Finally, we explain in the Cable Act section that if you participate in our Relevant TV advertising program, we will soon share information with service providers that they may use only to prevent the same ads you see on Fios from being shown to you in other places.

June 2021

We added our 2020 Record Keeping report as required by the California Consumer Privacy Act.  We also describe that we share information about your device’s 5G capabilities with operating systems and apps to improve your experiences on 5G devices. Finally, we included information about website information we collect to help fight fraud.

April 2021

We updated the descriptions of our wireless advertising and insights programs. Specifically, we clarified how Verizon and Verizon Media use information in the Verizon Selects program as well as the information  that Verizon uses in our Business and Marketing Insights program.  We also removed information about our Relevant Mobile Advertising because we have discontinued this program. 

We also added details about our collection of domain name server information and described the limited ways we use this information, and described our use of certain public social media profile information when you interact with us using social media. Finally, we eliminated some outdated descriptions in our California state privacy law disclosures.