Here are the most recent changes to our Privacy Policy.

We review and update our Privacy Policy to reflect the changes that come with the development of new products, services, technologies and uses of information. In addition, we occasionally make organizational, stylistic and grammatical changes to make our policy easier to read. Below you’ll find an overview of the changes that have been made in the past six months.

December, 2022

We made changes to the state law section of our privacy policy. Specifically, we  updated the California section to include new requirements in the California Consumer Privacy Act as amended by the California Privacy Rights Act and we added a new section that discusses your rights under the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act. We also streamlined some sections within the privacy policy and made revisions to reflect new wording that corresponds with the wording in the state law section.

June 2022

We clarified our descriptions of our ID verification service and Fios service data sharing for measurement purposes. We also updated our practices for adding apps to mobile devices to include certain operating system updates, and added a phone number for customers to call to opt out of our Custom Experience program. Finally, we added our 2021 Record Keeping report as required by the California Consumer Privacy Act.