Privacy Policy

Changes to Privacy Policy

As Verizon develops new products and services, deploys new technologies and develops new uses of information, we review and update our privacy policy to reflect these changes. In addition, from time to time we make organizational, stylistic and grammatical changes to present our practices in a way that makes our policy easy to read. The information provided below highlights changes to our Privacy Policy that have been made in the past six months.

December 2017, January 2018

We updated the privacy policy to include information about how Verizon may use certain wireline customer credit information for marketing purposes and provided instruction on how customers may opt-out of this use. We also expanded the ways in which Verizon may reach out to website visitors who do not register by adding mail as another way we communicate. Finally, we expanded the discussion about Verizon app preloads to let customers know that some apps may not have icons on the device home screen. We describe how customers can find and delete these apps if desired.       

June 2017

We updated the privacy policy to include Verizon’s recent acquisition of Yahoo and the combination of Yahoo and AOL to form a new company called Oath. Oath consists of over 50 digital and mobile media brands globally. The changes describe how the Verizon, Oath, and Yahoo privacy policies apply.  Additional changes were made to update, delete, and clarify language.  For example, we removed extraneous language that stated Verizon is not responsible for services and apps provided by others or content on sites to which our site may link.