Privacy Policy

Changes to Privacy Policy

As Verizon develops new products and services, deploys new technologies and develops new uses of information, we review and update our privacy policy to reflect these changes. In addition, from time to time we make organizational, stylistic and grammatical changes to present our practices in a way that makes our policy easy to read. The information provided below highlights changes to our Privacy Policy that have been made in the past six months.

November 2018

We recently added a reference to a new choice in My Verizon that will permit wireless customers to opt out of sharing information with third parties for identity verification purposes. 

July 2018

We updated the privacy policy to provide additional detail about the types of information we collect through Verizon-provided system applications on certain wireless devices. We also clarified how we use this information and the choices customers have. We also updated the policy to add Visible to the Verizon family of companies and explain that Visible has its own privacy policy. 

June 2018

We updated the privacy policy to explain that we will be combining Oath and Verizon information in our Business and Marketing Insights program. Customers have a choice about participating in this program. 

April and May 2018

We updated the privacy policy to explain that the Verizon privacy policy applies across the Verizon family of companies except for Oath, which has its own privacy policy. We explain that Verizon information will be shared with Oath as described in Verizon’s full privacy policy as well as in service-specific privacy policies. And we explain that Oath will honor the choices Verizon customers have made about the uses of this information. We also clarified the descriptions of the Online Relevant Advertising and TV Relevant Advertising programs to explain that we may also use information supplied by advertising partners or advertisers themselves to determine whether customers fit into a group an advertiser is trying to reach. We also explained that in some circumstances, Verizon may respond to customer inquiries using artificial intelligence guided by humans such as chat bots; and that customers who use third-party services like Facebook Messenger or Twitter Direct Message should be aware that those companies’ privacy policies also apply. We also updated the description of how directory information may be published by Verizon or shared with others. Finally, we added additional items to the list of data we may obtain from third party sources and use to personalize emails and other marketing materials we send you. In late May, we changed the policy to remove MapQuest from the list of companies covered by the full Verizon privacy policy as MapQuest now has its own policy which also covers international MapQuest users. Finally, we updated our International Privacy Policy to clarify how we process personal data under the requirements of the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation.