Here are the most recent changes to our Privacy Policy.

We review and update our Privacy Policy to reflect the changes that come with the development of new products, services, technologies and uses of information. In addition, we occasionally make organizational, stylistic and grammatical changes to make our policy easier to read. Below you’ll find an overview of the changes that have been made in the past six months.

November, 2023

We made changes to clarify and provide additional details about our collection, use and sharing practices in the state laws section of our privacy policy. We also updated information about the system software we include on some devices and its functions, and we corrected a description of the technologies we may use to share website information with third parties. We also updated our Privacy Policy Summary.

June, 2023

We made changes to the state laws section of our privacy policy. Specifically, we added new information about the privacy rights provided by the Connecticut and Colorado privacy laws and updated information we have in the California and Virginia sections to make them more uniform. We also added information about our Your Privacy Choices page we have introduced to provide customers and website visitors an opt out choice about uses of personal information for certain sale, sharing and targeted advertising as they are defined by state laws.