Here are the most recent changes to our Privacy Policy.

We review and update our Privacy Policy to reflect the changes that come with the development of new products, services, technologies and uses of information. In addition, we occasionally make organizational, stylistic and grammatical changes to make our policy easier to read. Below you’ll find an overview of the changes that have been made in the past six months.

March 2020

We updated the privacy policy to simplify our discussion of your privacy rights under Nevada state law. We also clarified that our network equipment also collects quality measures, and that we may use information about how you use our network to understand your service quality on the plan you have and other plans we offer.  We also clarified that when we use information to personalize your services, it  includes both content you see and marketing you receive.

December 2019

We updated the privacy policy to include a new section that describes the California Consumer Privacy Act and the rights it provides to California residents. We also updated the information we provide about cookies and similar technologies and your choices regarding the use of these tools. Finally, we added additional detail to our descriptions about privacy policy applicability and the information we collect.

October 2019

We’ve improved the overall structure, design and readability of our privacy policies to provide you with a better experience. The new question and answer format plus the updated navigation help you find the information you’re looking for even faster. We’ve also rewritten policy content to make it easier to read and understand. Whenever you come across a word with a dotted underline, simply click or tap to reveal additional details and context. We also added information to the policy related to Nevada’s privacy law.