Privacy Policy

Changes to Privacy Policy

As Verizon develops new products and services, deploys new technologies and develops new uses of information, we review and update our privacy policy to reflect these changes. In addition, from time to time we make organizational, stylistic and grammatical changes to present our practices in a way that makes our policy easy to read. The information provided below highlights changes to our Privacy Policy that have been made in the past six months.

April 2019

We made updates to the privacy policy to let customers know that information collected on our sites may be used for fraud detection and prevention purposes and information used by our Relevant TV advertising program may also be used to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. We also added additional detail about the information we collect through Verizon-provided system applications on certain wireless devices and how it is used. Finally, we simplified some language and updated some nomenclature; for example, we changed “cell tower” to “cell site” since some sites are not towers. 

November 2018

We recently added a reference to a new choice in My Verizon that will permit wireless customers to opt out of sharing information with third parties for identity verification purposes.