Understanding arbitration and mediation for residential customers

What is "access to arbitration and mediation"?

At Verizon, customer satisfaction is a priority. While we hope that all issues related to your account or Verizon service can be resolved through our customer service department, if we do not resolve an issue to your satisfaction, the Terms of Service for your Verizon service may (i) offer you the opportunity to request a non-lawyer mediation with us and (ii) require that you and Verizon pursue any unresolved disputes or claims through arbitration. You can review the Terms of Service applicable to your Verizon services at verizon.com/Terms. Both mediation and arbitration are described below.

*This information has been prepared for the convenience of Verizon residential customers. It does not modify or replace any of our contracts or advertising, or any arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association (AAA). It does not constitute legal advice.