TechSure is a 24/7 personal help desk, ready to support connected device needs.

The TechSure service offers access to technical experts who can help with the installation, set up, configuration, troubleshooting and use of connected devices within your home, including computers, printers, smartphones, gaming consoles, software, applications, and certain "Internet of Things" items that utilize network connectivity to send and receive data. Equipped with remote diagnostics tools, agents can help detect and clear viruses, improve performance with a slow PC, and get all of the customer's non-Verizon devices connected and working correctly Equipment that is owned, provided by or rented from Verizon is covered by Verizon technical support.

How do I purchase Verizon TechSure?

Learn more about the benefits and how to purchase Verizon TechSure online.

TechSure coverage and usage

  • What does TechSure Cover and How Does it Work?

  • Established as a help desk for the home, TechSure is designed to support the installation, set up and troubleshooting of, computers, printers, smartphones, networking equipment, gaming systems, software, applications and "Internet of Things" smart home devices that run using your internet connection. It also offers extended services, including data migration support and optional access to Tech on Demand, which makes certified onsite technicians available for assistance with non-Verizon installation and troubleshooting needs. Verizon provided products and services are covered by Verizon technical support. Tech on Demand services are provided for an additional charge and are billed by the service provider.

    Support areas include, but are not limited to helping you:

    • Viruses/malware/adware
    • Install/configure anti-virus software
    • PC Tune Ups
    • Email
    • Printer, scanner, digital camera and other peripheral devices
    • Wireless Networking
    • Error messages and frozen screens
    • Perform standard maintenance and Windows updates/patches
    • Set up and use your mobile devices, including training
    • Install, configure and train on new software and hardware
    • Transfer data and pictures from one PC or Mac to another


    Verizon TechSure

    How can Verizon TechSure help protect your devices and data by Verizon Fios

  • TechSure Varieties

    $10/mo $10/mo
    TechSure Plus
    TechSure Plus
    $15/mo $15/mo
    TechSure Premium
    TechSure Premium
    $30/mo $30/mo
    Premium Technical Support24/7 support for your connected home.
    Black check mark
    Black check mark
    Black check mark
    LifeLock SelectIdentity theft protection and monitoring
    Black check mark
    Black check mark
    McAfee Security & Safe FamilyMulti-Device security, parental controls and more.
    Black check mark
    Black check mark
    Whole Home Device ProtectionDevice protection for your connected home devices (mobile phones excluded)††
    Black check mark
    LastPass FamiliesSimple and safe way to digitally save your passwords.
    Black check mark

    No one can prevent all identity theft.
    † LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.
    † † Plan covers hardware failures due to defects in material or workmanship, normal wear and tear or power surges. Laptop plans also cover Accidental Damage from handling (ADH). Minimum system requirements, monthly charges, 30-day waiting period and maximum 12-month rolling claims limit apply. $89 service fee may apply. Preexisting conditions not covered. Replacement devices and parts may be new or refurbished and of the same like or model. Not available in all areas. LifeLock and the LockMan Logo are trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Reimbursement and Expense compensation, each with limits of up to $25,000 for Select. And up to $1 million for coverage for lawyers and experts if needed. Benefits provided by Master Policy issued by United Specialty Insurance Company, Inc. (State National Insurance Company, Inc. for NY State members.) Policy terms, conditions and exclusions at

Getting started with TechSure

  • How does a Customer Buy TechSure?

  • TechSure subscriptions can be added to your Verizon account. Get more information about Verizon TechSure. Customers will find a huge benefit in considering TechSure Plus and TechSure Premium bundles which include a number of added products for only a few dollars more per month:

    • McAfee Endpoint Security
    • McAfee Safe Family Parental Controls
    • LifeLock Select Identity Theft Protection
    • LastPass Password Manager from LogMeIn
    • Whole Home Device Protection Plan
  • How does a Customer Use TechSure support?

  • TechSure Premium Support – Technicians are available day and night for assistance with non-Verizon devices. You can call 800 VERIZON (800.837.4966) at any time or download the My Fios app to call a TechSure agent directly. As a TechSure customer you are entitled to unlimited support each month.

  • How does a Customer Use TechSure bundle products?

    • McAfee Endpoint Security – download the Security and Privacy anti-virus software powered by McAfee and start protecting all of your devices today.
    • McAfee Safe Family Parental Controls – download the Safe Family software in your mobile devices and track where your kids go on the Internet and in your own neighborhood.
    • LifeLock Select Identity Theft Protection – enroll in LifeLock Identity Theft Protection to deter threats to you identity.
    • LastPass Password Manager from LogMeIn – LastPass will create more secure passwords for you immediately.
    • Whole Home Device Protection Plan provides extended coverage and repair/replace protection for all your consumer electronics, computers and networking equipment, and smart home and IoT devices.
  • How soon after my purchase can I start using TechSure?

  • If you already have Verizon Broadband you can start using TechSure immediately. If you are ordering new Verizon Broadband (Fios or HSI), your TechSure subscription will be available for use as soon as your services are installed.

  • How do I know if I should call either a TechSure agent or the regular tech support number for Verizon?

  • There is only one number to call for all your tech support questions: 800 VERIZON (800.837.4966). You will be directed by the menus.

  • Does Verizon TechSure offer on-site visits to my home?

  • As a TechSure customer you have optional access, for an additional charge, to Tech on Demand, which makes qualified onsite technicians available for assistances with non-Verizon installation and troubleshooting needs. Tech on Demand is provided by an independent provider of professional installation and support services. Tech on Demand services are not provided by Verizon.

    Types of service covered may include:

    • Installation - 3rd party device mounting and connection, flat panel TV installation supporting cabling for 3rd party devices, connected locks, smart garage door openers, etc.
    • Configuration - install and configure gaming consoles, wireless printing, etc.
    • Moves - reinstall third party devices following relocations and renovations

Using TechSure

  • Is Verizon TechSure available on weekends and holidays?

  • Yes, TechSure agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Call anytime you need technical assistance, even in the middle of the night or on a holiday. We're always here, waiting to help you.

  • Where are TechSure agents located?

  • All certified TechSure agents are located within the United States.

  • How many devices are covered under my TechSure subscription?

  • There is no limit to the number of supported devices in your home. However, only the primary Verizon account holder's family may call for technical assistance.

Getting started with TechSure

  • What else do I get as a TechSure customer?

  • All TechSure customers are eligible for great features like

    • 24-hour Tech Support: Concerns related to installation, configuration, set up and support of a PC, Laptop, smart appliances, Internet of Things products and other non-Verizon devices.
    • Day of Install Set-Up Advice (over the phone): Support for setting up your devices and connecting them to your home network.
    • PC Tune Ups: Helps keep machines running at their peak with a total of 5 tune ups annually.
    • Data Migration: Includes support for moving up to 50GB of pictures, videos, and music, and provides tools to help customers perform more robust data migration tasks.
    • Tech On Demand: You can pay for a third party professional to help set up and install non-Verizon products in their home (TV's, Computing & IoT products, etc.)
    • Streamlined IVR & Priority Access: Simplified access to TechSure agents using the Verizon IVR. Fios Internet customers also have priority access to the first available Verizon care rep.
    • Verizon Dedicated Reps: Fios Internet customers have access to dedicated reps.
    • Installation Advantage: Choose preferred morning (or) evening installation windows (Move or change orders Fios Only)
  • So What Is Day of Installation Support Anyway?

  • You will receive a welcome text when your Verizon Internet service is installed so you can connect to a TechSure agent for assistance with installation and set-up of 3rd party devices. It does not support the equipment provided by Verizon for your Verizon Internet or TV services.

TechSure costs and payment options

  • How much does TechSure cost? Are subscriptions available?

  • For only $10.00 per month you will receive unlimited tech support.

  • Is there a minimum commitment with a TechSure subscription?

  • TechSure is a month to month service and can be canceled at anytime without penalty or early termination fees.

  • How do I pay for my TechSure subscription?

  • TechSure will be added to your monthly Verizon bill for easy management.

TechSure coverage and usage

  • Does TechSure require a software download or app download?

  • A software download is not required to receive remote or onsite support You are encouraged to download the MyFios app, which supports easy direct contact with a TechSure agent via phone.

  • Means of assistance?

  • You can call 800.837.4966 and a Verizon agent will connect you with a TechSure agent via a priority queue.

    The MyFios app provides immediate contact with a TechSure agent via phone.

  • Does TechSure cover data migration?

  • TechSure includes support for moving pictures, videos, and music, and provides help customers performing more robust data migration tasks.

  • Is Verizon TechSure transferable to other people?

  • The TechSure service is not transferable to another account. Only the primary Verizon account holder's family may call for technical assistance.


Verizon TechSure

How can Verizon TechSure help protect your devices and data by Verizon Fios