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Want to watch Fios TV before your services are installed?

If you have recently ordered Verizon service, you don't have to wait for your services to be installed to start watching TV. With Verizon Fios TV Everywhere, you can watch shows, movies, and live TV on your eligible internet devices.

Watch Fios TV online
Watch Fios TV in the Fios TV app

TV Everywhere

In addition to your TV, you can watch Verizon Fios TV Everywhere, on:

  • Fios TV app
  • Online - Watch Fios
  • HBOGO and other content provider apps

With Verizon Fios TV you can:

  • View content on eligible devices (tablets, smartphones, and PCs, etc.) anytime and anywhere you can find an internet connection
  • Watch select shows, live TV, movies and original series on demand
  • Access premium channels included with your Fios TV subscription
  • Create sub-accounts for other members of your household

Watch Fios TV on a mobile device or online

Before your Fios TV service gets installed, you can start watching select Fios TV content using your Fios TV app or online.

After the service installation is complete, you will be able to access additional features in the Fios TV app and online, which include:

  • Additional live TV channels while in and out of your Fios home
  • Manage your DVR remotely
  • Use your device as a remote control on any HD Set Top Box

Watch Fios TV using the Fios TV app

Using the Fios TV app, from the dashboard, select a program under On Now to watch. You can also select the Menu option to Watch Now, view TV Listings or access On Demand.

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Note: If you subscribe to HBO, download the HBO GO app to your mobile device and use your My Verizon account credentials to sign in.

Watch Fios TV online

To watch Fios online, sign into Watch Fios and choose a program to watch.

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Note: Not all channels in the Fios TV lineup are currently available. Certain channels you can watch while in home may not be available out of home.

Frequently asked questions

  • What’s the difference between the Fios TV app and the My Fios app?

  • The Fios TV app takes care of all your entertainment needs, letting you watch Fios TV using a wireless internet connection.

    The My Fios app lets you easily manage all your Verizon account information.

    Each app allows you to access the other without exiting:

    • In the Fios TV app go to Settings > Preferences > Share Log-in Info With My Fios, turn feature On
    • In the My Fios app select the navigation menu in the upper right corner, select Fios TV app

    Don't have the Fios TV app or the My Fios app?

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  • Why can't I watch my DVR recorded content from my mobile or tablet device?

  • To view DVR recorded content the following must be true:

    • Fios Video Media Server(VMS) Set-Top Box and Internet package
      • To verify, check your TV plan details in your My Verizon account or My Fios app
    • Confirm your mobile device is paired with the VMS and for help, using your Fios remote select
      • Menu > Settings > System > Mobile Devices

    If your device is not paired, please first open the Fios TV app in-home while connected to your Fios Wi-Fi router. Your device will auto-pair with your VMS. This process must be completed for each device.

    You will be unable to stream your DVR recordings if your:

    • Media Server is offline
    • Device has not been added to the Media Server
    • Device has been removed from the Media Server

    Note: Some content providers do not allow recorded content to be streamed out-of-home

  • How can I tell if I have Fios Quantum Service?

  • If you have a Fios Video Media Server 1100 (VMS1100) Set-Top Box. The VMS1100 enables your Fios TV Enhanced or Premium service.

    If you are still unsure, you can check:

    • On the front of your STB, you should see VMS1100
    • Using the Fios TV app, select Menu, you should see Fios Quantum TV at the top of the menu
    • Sign into My Verizon, go to My Services > My Plan, you should see Multi-Room DVR Enhanced or Premium
    • Using My Fios app > TV About MY TV Service > Change My TV Plan
  • How do I use my device as a Fios TV remote control?

  • You can use the Fios TV app to connect your device to the Set-Top Box (STB):

    • Select the remote-control icon at the top
    • Select the STB from the list that you wish to control

    Start using your device as a remote control.

    Note: Make sure that your device connects to your Fios home router.

  • Can other household members watch Fios TV on their mobile device or online?

  • Yes. You can create sub accounts for other household members to watch TV shows and movies through the internet and using the Verizon Fios TV app.

    To create or delete sub accounts go to My Verizon, select:

    • Profile > Sub Accounts, and follow prompts

    Note: Sub account creation and management is only available to Fios TV customers and must be managed in My Verizon.

  • How can I stream from the Cloud?

  • You can stream from the cloud using Fios TV app, select Menu > Stream From > Cloud.

My Fios App vs. Fios TV App

Learn the difference between the My Fios App and the Fios TV App from Verizon Fios.

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