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Set up the Duplex Receptacle




The Duplex Receptacle provides on/off control of one of two outlets contained in a standard receptacle pair. The outlet marked with the ZWave symbol will be controlled by your Home Monitoring and control solution. The other outlet will be on all the time.
Duplex Receptacle Image
Duplex Receptacle

Duplex Receptacle Setup Tips

  • Professional installation is recommended for the Duplex Receptacle  if you are unfamiliar with installing electrical devices.
  • The Duplex Receptacle is designed for use lights or other household items without requiring unsightly modules or dongles.

  • Works with both incandescent and fluorescent lighting fixtures.

  • The devices controlled with the switch , such as TVs, stereos, fans, floor heaters, small air conditioning window units and most kitchen appliances, are subject to the following electrical limitations: max 600 watts incandescent, - ½ HP motor,  and 1800W (15A) resistive.

  • Do not connect an appliance that requires constant power, such as a refrigerator, freezer or critical in-home medical equipment



Set up  and Install

  1. Set up and activate the Duplex Receptacle


  2. Install the Duplex Receptacle

    Duplex Receptacle Install Guidepdf image


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