Great technology 
opens worlds 
to everyone.

Everyone should be able to access and enjoy the latest technology - whether it be TV, the web, a landline phone or a mobile phone. We’re committed to making that a reality.

Accessible solutions from Verizon Wireless

Nationwide messaging plans

Learn about specialized text and data plans.
Hearing aid compatibility
View a list of hearing aid compatible devices and their HAC ratings
Text-to-911 service
Texting-to-911 messages is available in select locations.
Verizon Mobile Accessibility
Mobile Accessibility is a screen-reader with a suite of 10 applications.
This feature provides audible voice read out of on-screen text.

From specialized text and data plans to text-to-speech, we offer a range of wireless solutions for customers with disabilities.

Accessible solutions from Fios by Verizon

Closed captioning
Most Fios TV remote control models let you turn Closed Captioning on or off by pressing the * button.
Big button remote
Fios TV remotes are available with larger buttons for our visually impaired customers.
Descriptive Video Service
DVS audio provides a narrative description of key visual elements.
TV channel lineup
Fios guides and channel lineups are available in large print and braille.
Alternate billing formats
You may request to receive large print, braille or audio bill formats.

From closed captioning to braille bills, we strive to make our Fios services and instructional materials accessible to everyone.

Wireless National Accessibility Customer Service Center

Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 9:00pm EST

1.888.262.1999 or

*611 from your wireless phone

Fios Center for Customers with Disabilities

Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm EST

Toll-free at 1.800.974.6006 (voice)

TTY 508.251.5301 (videophone)

Disability Awareness

Verizon’s mission is to bring people together through technology. And no one should feel excluded from our digital world due to a disability. That’s why we’re proud to work toward greater accessibility today and every day.


Universal Design Principles

In 1987, we embraced Universal Design Principles that commit Verizon to providing products and services that are accessible to the broadest range of customers.