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Set up Indoor Light Module

The Indoor Light Module allows you to remotely dim or turn incandescent lights on/off . 

The Indoor Light Module can be set up in a mode (example: vacation mode) where the lights will turn on and off automatically based on the schedule you set up.


Note: Fluorescent lights are not compatible with the Indoor Light Module.



Install and Setup the Indoor Light Module

  1. Install your Indoor Light Module:
    Indoor Light Modulepdf image
  2. Set up and activate the Indoor Light Module
    Use the Setup Wizard on the Home Monitoring and Control Web site on My Verizon.

Indoor Light Module Set up Tips:

  • The Light Module works best with 25 watt or higher  incandescent light bulbs only (no flouresent bulbs).  If the wattage is lower, the dimmer feature may not work.
  • Before you pair your Light Module with the Gateway Device and/or Remote Control, verify that your Indoor Light Module is plugged into a working power outlet and the power light is solid green. The Light Module should be within 5 feet of the Remote Control and/or Gateway Device.
  • The pairing process in the Setup Wizard should be completed within 30 seconds otherwise you'll need to start over.
  • Using a third-party Light Module? Verizon Online provides basic setup instructions and limited support for these devices. Learn more.

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Indoor Light Module
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