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Set up the Door/Window Sensor

Door/Window sensors monitor the doors or windows in your home, wherever the sensors are set up. You can enable the Door/Window sensor to send you a notification whenever it is tripped by the door or window opening or closing.  If you set up a camera nearby, you can use it to record the event.


Install and Set up Door/Window Sensors

  1. Install your Door/Window Sensor:
    install the Door/Window Sensorpdf.gif
  2. Set up and activate your Door/Window Sensor
    Use the Setup Wizard on the Home Monitoring and Control Web site on My Verizon.

Door/WindowSensor Setup Tips:



  • Make sure the battery is installed correctly in the Door/Window Sensor.
  • When adding the Door/Window Sensor to your Home Monitoring and Control srvice, have the Remote Control  or Gateway Device within 5 feet from the device.
  • If pairing is unsuccessful, try the set up steps again.
  • Using a third-party Door/Window Sensor? Verizon Online provides basic setup instructions and limited support for these devices. Learn more.



Door window sensor graphic 

Door/Window Sensor




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