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Gateway Device

The Gateway Device is the "brain" of your Home Monitoring and Control Network. It uses your Internet connection to send instructions to your Home Control devices and  sends information about your devices to your computer, compatible smartphone or FIOS TV. 


Set up

You'll install and pair the Gateway Device using instructions from the Setup Wizard. You must set up the Gateway Device first. "Activating" or "pairing" your Gateway Device is the first step when setting up your Home Monitoring and Control service.  After setup, the Gateway Device will be used to pair - or communicate -  with other Home Monitoring and Control devices (and optional Remote Control) 


Install and activate the Gateway from the Setup Wizard


Gateway Device InstallationTips:

  • Connect the Gateway Device to your Internet router using the Ethernet cable.

  • The Gateway Device may take up to five minutes to power up. Once the Ethernet light is solid green click Connect. If the power light is off, unplug the Gateway Device and plug it in again.

  • Make sure your Ethernet cable is connected from the Gateway Device’s LAN port to your Internet Router’s LAN port (and not the WAN port).














    Gateway Device 

    Installation Guidepdf image
    Gateway Installation Guide
    Fix your Gateway Device
    Troubleshooting Tips

    Gateway DeviceGateway DeviceGateway Installation Guide pdf image SolutionDesc1=46931,46986
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