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Appliance Switch Troubleshooting Tips  


Use Appliance Switches to view current energy usage over time and remotely turn connected appliances on and off  to ensure optimal efficiency. You can review your energy usage and turn on/off appliances from your computer, compatible smartphone or FiOS TV.


Appliance Switches self-monitor and manage standard 110v appliances. 


Appliance Switch

Appliance Switch 110v

General Help 


My Appliance Switch is not working

















Does the 110v Appliance Switch have power? Press the power button and see if the power light switches on and off.


Is the power light blinking? The Appliance Switch is not "paired" with the Gateway Device and will not work. To "pair" the Appliance Switch, repeat the pairing steps outlined in the Setup Wizard.


Is the Appliance Switch automatically turning off? The 110v Appliance Module automatically turns off if the energy load connected to the 110v Appliance Module is above 15 amps. .


Are you having trouble setting up your Appliance Switch?

When you set up the Appliance Switch to your Home Monitoring and Control network, the remote control and/or the Gateway device must be within 5 feet of the Appliance Switch.

The pairing process between the remote control or Gateway device must be completed within 30 seconds. If you took longer than 30 seconds, repeat the pairing steps outlined in the Setup Wizard.


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