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Door Locks Troubleshooting

Door lock modules allow you to remotely unlock or lock your home's door.


You can grant entry to guests, service people or other infrequent visitors without having to give out your key or be home to open the door.  


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Door Lock image

Door lock image
I cannot connect/pair my Door Lock to my Home Control network

Make sure the door lock batteries are inserted correctly and fully charged. If the door lock battery isn't properly charged, a red light blinks. If the battery is properly charged, you'll see a solid green light.

Make sure the Gateway device is within 5 feet from the door lock when you pair the door lock with the Gateway Device. Tip: Pair your Door Lock before installing the door lock on your door. It will be easier to make sure the door lock is close to the Gateway Device during the pairing process. 


If the pairing process between the remote control or Gateway device was not done within 30 seconds, try the pairing process again. After you pair your door lock, it will appear as an 'active" device on the Home Monitoring and Control Web sie.


I need help unlocking my door lockAfter you successfully  enter your programming code, you'll see a flashing green light and you have 6 seconds to open the door lock. After 6 seconds, you must re-enter your programming code to open the door locks.
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