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Energy Reader Troubleshooting Tips


Monitor the total electric consumption (kWh) of your entire home, as well as the energy consumption from specific appliances that are connected to the appliance switches in your Home Monitoring and Control service.



Important:  Do not attempt to troubleshoot your Energy Reader installation if you are not an electrician. Verizon recommends a professional electrician to troubleshoot your Energy Reader installation.


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My Energy Reader is not responding


I can't add my Energy Reader to my Home Network











Make sure to place the main Energy Reader unit outside any metallic containers (i.e. metal AC main boxes). Metallic boxes and sheets can impede the radio signals coming from the Energy Reader.


When you add the Energy Reader to the Home Monitoring and Control service, make sure the Remote Control and/or the Gateway Device is within 5 feet from the Energy Reader.


If you didn't pair the Energy Reader with the Gateway Device in 30 seconds duration try the setup process from the Setup Wizard again. The Energy Reader is successfully paired when its light is a solid red. If you didn't successfully pair the Energy Reader, its light blinks continuously. The Energy Reader also appears as an "active" device on the Home Monitoring and Control Web site (accessible via My Verizon).

My Energy Reader reports wattage even though it isn't clamped

Make sure all unused clamps are clipped shut and away from any wires and electronics. It is possible for the clamps to detect a small amount of electric flow from wires and electronics when the clamp is not closed shut.

My Energy Reader reports "0" wattage

Make sure the clamps are attached around only one wire and clipped shut. Each clamp should be clamped around a single phase wire coming from the main circuit box into the AC main circuit box.

My Energy Reader reports double wattage





The Energy Reader might be reporting double wattage if you place both clamps on the same wire. The electric flow is read from each clamp and then added together.


It is only necessary for one clamp to be on any given wire for the purposes of energy measurement.

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