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Indoor Light Module Troubleshooting Tips

The Indoor Light Module allows you to dim or turn incandescent lights on or off remotely. You can even create “modes” to change the pattern of lights being turned on or off while you’re away, giving the appearance that someone is home.
Note: Fluorescent lights will not work with the Indoor Light Module




Light Module


Indoor Light Module
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Indoor Light Module Issue Solution
My lamp will not turn on/off

My lamp does not show up on my device list.

  1. Manually test the lamp to make sure it is connected successfully to the Indoor Light Module.

  2. Plug the Indoor Light Module into any available working power outlet. Important Note:  Install the Indoor Light Module into a 120 volt A/C outlet.
  3. Plug a lamp into the Z-Wave (two-prong) side of the Indoor Light Module. A lamp (25 watts minimum and 300 watts maximum) can be controlled by the system if it is plugged into the Z-Wave™ side of the Indoor light module. Note: The three-prong outlet is not controlled by the Home Monitoring and Control service, but can be used. This outlet is simply used as a "pass-through" outlet for a second lamp.


  4. On the Indoor Light Module, press and hold the power button to manually operate the lamp plugged into the light module. This step also allows you to confirm if the dimmer is set too low.

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