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Home Monitoring and Control Web site  

The Home Monitoring and Control Web site, accessible via My Verizon, provides total management over your home's monitoring and energy control needs. 




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Home Monitoring
and Control Web site
(accessible via My Verizon)
You'll need your Verizon Online User Name and Password to access your Home Monitoring and Control devices.

From the Home Monitoring and Control Web site, you can:

  • Turn lights on and off

  • Turn appliances on and off

  • Adjust thermostat and monitor temperature

  • Activate/run, create and edit modes

  • Set up or edit notification settings
  • Monitor live-streaming video from cameras
  • Create and play recordings from activated cameras

  • Lock/unlock programmed door locks

  • Monitor your energy usage and compare energy consumption between days, weeks, months or years.

Home Monitoring and Control Web site Tour

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What can I do?

Home Control

Run your activated devices and view live video feed from cameras or watch camera recordings, turn indoor lights and appliances on/off, adjust your thermostat and monitor your doors/windows.





Review how much energy your home is using over specific time periods and compare energy consumption between present day and the past week, month or year.

Manage your Energy Usage

Install and Setup an Energy Reader



Manage your cameras: enable live-streaming, or "snapshot" viewing mode, update camera settings and watch recordings.

Device Settings


Set up (pair and install) devices using the Setup Wizard, modify device settings and remotely manage devices, such as remotely unlocking door locks or turning lights off. You can also monitor the status of your devices - know which devices are offline or need to be to set up. Newly purchased devices automatically appear here. To set up a new device, select Set up Device to launch the Setup Wizard.  

Device General Help








Modes are automated programs where your devices activate or decactivate when triggered by an event or schedule. You can even run modes "on-demand" or instantly. In a scheduled mode, each evening at 9 pm, your thermostat setting changes and your lights dim. In a triggered mode, someone unlocks the front door and your living room lights turn on.


You only create and edit modes from the Home Monitoring and Control Web site within My Verizon. Once you create modes, you can run/suspend or check the status of modes from your computer, compatible smartphone, or FIOS TV. You can also run a mode from the Remote Control device (not the FiOS TV remote) if you have stored the mode in one of the Remote Control buttons.

Create Modes 

Notifications/Activity Log




Notifications are the email, SMS text or FiOS TV messages you receive when a mode or device has been activated. The Notifications log can be viewed from all sources - computer, smartphone,iPod touch, or FiOS TV application. In Notifications setup (from the computer), you will choose which events your activity you want to receive notifications.  


While you'll specify to receive notifications at specific email addresses or phone numbers, a log of all of your notifications are stored here for your review.


Manage Notification Settings

*Wireless service provider text or SMS fees may apply.

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