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Home Control: Choose your service

Using the Indoor, Outdoor and Pan and Tilt Cameras

Once you set up and activate your Indoor, Outdoor, and/or Pan and Tilt cameras from the Home Monitoring and Control Web site on My Verizon, you can monitor live video feed from the Home Monitoring and Control Web site, Home Control mobile app and FiOS TV.


Access Cameras

There are three ways to access your cameras: From the Home Monitoring Control Web site on My Verizon, mobile app or FiOS TV.



From my... Action


Log in to with your Verizon Online User Name and Password. From the Home Control main menu, click Monitoring from the top navigation. 



From the Home Control Dashboard: From the main menu, tap:

 Cameras mobile app

Learn more about the mobile app





From the FiOS TV Main Menu, select Home Control. From the carousel, use the right or left arrows on your remote to locate the Cameras panel. Learn more about the FiOS TV app.


*A separate subscription to Verizon FiOS TV is required for use with the Home Control FiOS TV service.



Monitor Live Video Feed from Cameras

Activate your cameras to monitor live video feed. 


Need help? View Live-streaming Troubleshooting Tips



From my... Action


From the Home Monitoring and Control Web site on My Verizon, click the side arrows to scroll through your activated cameras. Click the camera thumbnail to activate live video feed from the camera. 


Note: To activate live-streaming, select Live Streaming from the Quality drop-down field under the camera. Snapshot is the default selection and provides slower, still-frame movement.

Smartphone (compatible)

From the Home Control mobile app: Tap the camera name from the camera list. Under Live Streaming, tap On to activate live-streaming from your cameras. Select Off to view the camera video in "snapshot" mode from your activated cameras.


Note: Camera live streaming feature is compatible with Apple devices (iphone, iPad, iPod Touch) using iOS4 version and older. Apple devices using iOS5 will only see camera snapshot feature and will not be able to stream live video. Apple iOS5 support is coming soon.


FiOS TV app


Use the up and down arrow keys on the FiOS TV Remote Control to select the camera name from the camera list. Live video feed for the camera opens.  



Set up Camera Recordings 

Before your camera will record activity in your home, you must create a mode from the Home Monitoring and Control Web site that will tell the camera when to record motion in your room. When you set up your mode, you'll program the camera to begin recording when activity is detected in your room.
Important: If you don’t create a camera mode, you can still view live-streaming video from the Home Monitoring Web site, FiOS TV or smartphone, but it won’t record motion unless you create a mode that triggers the camera to record.


Next Step: Create a camera recording mode


Camera Recording Storage
When you purchase a camera you can use up to 2GB of video storage space accessible from the Home Monitoring and Control Web site on My Verizon and the mobile app. 

  • Camera Recordings are accessed from the Home Monitoring and Control Web site, mobile app.
  • Review the Storage percentage bar to review how much recording storage space you've used.
  • To save recordings, select Save. If you reach capacity, the oldest recording not selected as "Save" is deleted from your recording list.

Need help? Camera Recording Troubleshooting Tips


From my... Action


From the top navigation, click Monitoring. When your camera records activity around your home, any recordings appear under Camera Recordings. Click the image to play your recording.  Recordings are a maximum of 30 seconds long. To save your Recordings, select the checkbox next to your recording and clickSave from the top navigation.



Tap the My Recordings bar at the bottom to view a list of your recordings. Tap the thumbnail to view the recording. Tap the thumbnail again to play the recording.  Click Save or Delete to keep or remove your recording.




You can only view your camera's recordings from the Home Monitoring and Control Web site or mobile app.


Manage my Camera Settings

You'll update and manage your camera settings, such as "Quality" and "Motion Detection" from the Home Monitoring and Control Web site on My Verizon and mobile app. After you update your camera's settings from the Web site, you'll access your cameras from the Home Control mobile and FIOS TV apps.



From my... Action


From the Home Monitoring and Control Web site on My Verizon:

Select Device Settings from the Home Control menu and click your camera to view the camera's settings:

  • Quality: Manage the quality (brightness, sharpness) of your camera recordings

  • Motion Detection: Specify motion detection sensitivity for different "areas" in your room.

  • Notifications: Edit how you are notified (via text message, phone or email) when camera activity occurs. Tip: To change the phone number or email address associated with your notification settings, select Notifications from the Home Control menu and click Settings.

  • WiFi Settings: Change the camera setting from a wired Ethernet connection to a WiFi or wireless connection if desired.







Smartphone: Select On or Off to activate or deactivate motion control.

FiOS TV: Access motion detection settings from the Home Monitoring and Control Web site or mobile app.



What's Next?

Create Camera Recording Modes | General Help | Troubleshooting 

Cameras mobile app SolutionDesc1=47302,47303,47606,47606,47328,46974,47028
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