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  • About Slamming Slamming is an unauthorized change of your local, regional toll and/or long distance carrier. The service change is unauthorized because the service provider that ordered the change switched your local, regional toll, and/or long distance provider without proof of your authorization and verification.

    Law prohibits telecommunications utilities (telephone companies) from slamming or switching you from one telephone service provider to another without your permission.

    Verizon and all telecommunications companies must have authorization and verification from a customer before changing the customer's local, regional toll and/or long distance service provider.
    Preventing slamming A carrier freeze prevents the unauthorized change to your local, regional toll, or long distance carrier. The freeze ensures that another carrier cannot make a change to your selected local, regional toll, or long distance provider without your permission. Request a carrier freeze Contact Verizon to authorize a carrier freeze to one or more of your services.

    Verizon implements the carrier freeze to your account within 24 hours upon receipt of your request.

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