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Using Verizon with MSN® Premium

Verizon with MSN Premium BasicsImportant account information

Email Login (


MSN Premium Support

As of March 27, 2010, service for Verizon with MSN Premium is no longer available in some areas. Make sure your email account is still active.


Installing Verizon with MSN Premium Software

Initial InstallationRe-installation

Select your Verizon service:*

*You'll register your Verizon Online account and select to install Verizon with MSN Premium 

Re-install Verizon with MSN Premium software on your same computer or on a second computer.  Verizon with MSN Premium Version 9.6 is compatible with Windows 7.


Troubleshooting Email Issues


I can't login to my email account

 Make sure your email account is still active

As of March 27, 2010, service for Verizon with MSN Premium is no longer available in some areas.


Recover your user name and password 

• username and password recovery

• or visit the MSN Support Web site for specific instructions.


Locate the Verizon with MSN Premium Email Login URL

Verizon with MSN Premium Email Login (

I can't send or receive email email account:
• Check your email settings (Outlook Express)
• Check your email storage and spam filters or email account:
Visit the MSN Premium Help Web Site for specific instructions about Outlook Express email settings and email storage information.

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