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Home Networking

With a home network, your entire household can share one Internet connection with several computers; giving everyone access to the Internet at the same time. You can share access to printers, files, folders, and other hardware devices like scanners and fax machines.


Getting Started

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Introduction to Home Networking
A home network is the connection of
two or more computers, printers and
other devices in your household. All of
the computers and devices in the
network can communicate with
each other, allowing shared Internet access
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Use Your Home Network

Set up your Home Network

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Wireless Home Networks
Wireless home networks provide the flexibility to connect your computers to
the network using wireless network adapters, allowing you to connect to
the Internet anywhere within the
wireless signal of your router or gateway.   

Set up your wireless network
Add a computer
Share folders or share printers

Wired Home Networks
Wired home networks use Ethernet cable to connect the computers to the network. They are less expensive, faster, and more secure than wireless home networks.

Set up your wired network
Add a computer
Share folders or share printers

Keep your Home Network Secure

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Security is a top priority for Verizon,
and it should be a strong consideration
of everyone who has a wireless home

Consequences of not protecting
your network can range from
neighbors enjoying free Internet
access at your expense to identity theft.

Wireless Home Network Security
Find your network security settings
What type of encryption should I use?

WPA2 and WPA
Verizon recommends using WPA2 encryption, which is the strongest network encryption compatible with your network devices.

How do I upgrade to WPA2 security?

Add to your Home Network

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Add Devices
Game Console
iPhone or iPOD Touch
Other mobile devices

Share Devices
Share folders
Share printer

Fix your Home Network

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Troubleshoot your router or gateway

Router or Gateway User Guides
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