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High Speed Internet

Set up or install

Verizon High Speed Internet, also called DSL, uses your phone line to deliver broadband Internet access to your home.

Before High Speed Internet is installed:

Learn about High Speed Internet
  • Before you order High Speed Internet, learn more about system requirements and required equipment.
  • Read up on Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Someone 18+ must be present. They’ll need to accept the Verizon Terms of Service.
  • If you asked for a technician to install your HSI service, it can take up to 4 hours. (The technician may not arrive within the first hour due to pre-work.)
  • Have your devices plugged in and accessible. Our technicians need a clear path to work. They’ll thank you kindly.
Confirm your Service Ready Date
  • Wait until your Service Ready Date arrives before installing Verizon High Speed Internet software. However, you can install filters on your phones and connect your router before the service-ready date (SRD), but you cannot complete the activation of your Verizon High Speed Internet service or download any of the Verizon software until your connection is activated. You will be notified via email or phone call or you can check by visiting What's Next.

Check your Self-Install Kit
  • Your Self-Install Kit is delivered 1 or 2 days before your Service Ready Date.

High Speed Internet Filters

 Filter image 

Which devices require filters?

Power Supply

Phone cord grahic

Modem or Gateway
   Versalink Graphic 

Ethernet Cable

Ethernet Cable image 

Install High Speed Internet:

HSI Installation Brochure 
Includes steps for installing High Speed Internet.

HSI Quickstart Guide
Installation is easy
There 3 easy steps for installation. 1. Install the filters. 2. Install the wireless router or modem. 3. Connect your computer.


On or After your Service Ready Date
Once you get your equipment installed, visit to complete your activation. You can do this anytime on or after your service-ready date (not before).

High Speed Internet Installation Video:

Add devices to your wireless network

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Did you know?

Many equipment problems can be fixed in less than
5 minutes!

Make sure your equipment is plugged in and that the power is working in the rest of your house


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