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Can I test the speed of my connection?
Verizon Fios provides state-of-the-art connection speeds with its fiber optic technology. As a Fios customer, you can measure the Fios advantage by testing the upload and download speeds of your connection using the Fios Speed Test below. 

The speed test measures the amount of data that is uploaded and downloaded in a set amount of time. In other words, it shows how fast data moves through your Fios fiber optic connection and demonstrates the superior speeds that Verizon Fios provides.

Figure depicting Check My Speed button
How does it work?
The Fios Speed Test sends bursts of random data for 10 seconds and calculates the upload and download speed of your connection by measuring how many bits of data are received.
More about the Fios Speed Test
How accurate is this test?
Why do the Verizon Speedtest results vary from other tests?
What factors affect the speed of my Internet access?
Are there other network factors that can impact performance?
Improve your Fios download performance by using the Fios Speed Optimizer tool

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