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Fios Installation: The Installation Appointment 2 - Your installation appointment
During your installation appointment, a Verizon Technician will install Verizon Fios Internet Service equipment in your home and establish a connection with the Fiber Terminal in your neighborhood. Next the technician will connect your computer to the Fios equipment in your home as well as guide you through the Fios software installation, account setup, and activation on your primary computer.

Installation of Fios equipment
Figure depicting the Optical Network Terminal
  • Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
    The ONT converts the laser-generated signal that travels through Verizon fiber optic cables into an electronic signal that works with standard telephone and Internet equipment. The ONT is usually installed inside of your house or inside your apartment, generally in the area where any existing phone services enter your home.

  • Power Supply Unit
    The Power Supply provides electricity to the ONT. Please ensure that you have a three-pronged electrical outlet that is not controlled by a switch available near where the ONT will be installed. The ONT requires very little power to operate. In fact, the amount of power needed is about what it would take to power a couple of night lights.

  • Battery Backup Unit
    The Verizon ONT includes a Battery Backup Unit (BBU) feature. You may utilize this feature by maintaining an active batatery in the BBU. With an active battery, the BBU will provide backup power for your basic FiOS voice services, including Emergency 911 dialing, for up to 8 hours in the event of a commercial power failure. You are responsible for purchasing and/re replacing the battery in the BBU. Much like you would need to replace the batteries in a portable radio from time ot time, periodically the BBU battery must be replaced. Please note that a damaged or leading battery may damage Verizon network equipment and should be removed and/or relaced immediately.

  • Note: If you live in an apartment complex or condominium, Fios equipment may be installed in a central equipment room that you may not be able to access.

Connecting your computer
The Verizon Technician will run data wiring from the ONT to your router and, if necessary, install an Ethernet jack. Then the technician will connect your computer to your router.

Note: If you need new wiring installed inside of your walls, consider hiring a contractor prior to your Fios installation.

Software installation and account setup
Your Verizon Technician will guide you through the Fios software installation and activate Fios on your primary computer. Additional computers can be configured by the technician for an extra fee. Once all work is completed, the technician will verify that your Fios service is working and that you can access the Internet.


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