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For information regarding the email service issue of 9/12/13, please visit

FiOS & High Speed Internet (HSI)

If you lose power, your FiOS and HSI services will be affected until power is restored. Please contact your local power company to report a power outage.


How do I Make an Emergency Call after the Battery Backup Unit Shuts Down?

You must maintain an active battery in the Battery Backup Unit (BBU) for it to function. The BBU will shut down approximately one hour before that battery has completely drained. If you need to make an emergency phone call after the BBU has shut down, press the Battery Emergency Use button on the ONT. This should enable the ONT to reboot and provide up to one hour of talk time. After you press the Battery Emergency Use button, the BBU will operate until the battery has completely drained.


What is that Beep, Beep, Beep Noise?

When the battery in the Battery Backup Unit (BBU) needs to be changed, the ONT will begin to beep or chirp – this is just a warning letting you know that the battery will soon lose its charge. Once commercial power has been restored, the battery should recharge itself and the beeping should stop. If the beeping continues after the power has been restored, the battery may need to be replaced. For those customers who want to stop the beeping/chirping from their BBU before replacing the battery, press the Alarm Silence button (available on some models) that turns off the alarm.


How Do I Change the Battery in the Battery Backup Unit?

Your Battery Backup Unit (BBU) provides power for Voice services for up to 8 hours if an active battery is inserted into the unit. Click here to learn more about replacing your battery or to order a new one. Click here to see video instructions about replacing your battery.


You only need to replace your battery if the battery is beeping when:

  1. You have not experienced any interruption in commercial power
  2. Your commercial power was interrupted, but has been restored



Things to Try After Commercial Power is Restored

The In-Home Agent application on your PC can troubleshoot and restore services. Access or download Verizon In- Home Agent.


FiOS customers. Once commercial power is restored after an outage, sometimes, simply resetting your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is necessary to restore FiOS service. Reset your ONT now.


High Speed Internet (DSL) customers. Re-booting your HSI modem may restore service.


If your power is restored and your FiOS or HSI services are still not working, please visit to report an outage, check status, request a new repair or update an existing repair online.

Standard Telephone Services

To check the status, troubleshoot or enter a trouble ticket, please visit


You may also contact Verizon on the Contact Us page as well as through social media at:

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How do I report a downed telephone pole or telephone lines?



If you have a downed telephone line in your area, please report it to Verizon Repair at 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966). For your own safety do not touch or move the downed line as power lines can be confused with phone or cable connections.



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