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Set up your P265 remote control

These instructions only apply to the Verizon P265 remote control. If this is not the model of your remote, find the instructions for your model on the FiOS TV remote controls & codes page.


TIP: Sometimes remote controls can be accidentally deprogrammed. Bookmark this page so these instructions are handy should you need to refer to them again. For more information about your remote control, see the Verizon P265 Remote Control User Guide.


Set up your remote using the listed remote code


  1. Find the remote code for your TV in the list of Remote control codes for Verizon P265.
    - Write down the code in case you need to reprogram your remote in the future.
    - You can also find remote codes in the Verizon P265 Remote Control User Guide.

    What if a remote code is not listed for my TV?
    Follow the steps to Set up your Verizon P265 remote if the code is invalid or not listed.
  2. Turn on your TV and the FiOS TV Set-Top Box.
    Make sure you can see live TV.
  3. Press and hold the OK and 0 (zero) buttons at the same time.
    The red LED light blinks 2 times and then stays on.
  4. Enter the remote code for your TV that you located in step 1.
    The red LED light blinks 2 times and then stays on.
  5. Press and release the Ch+ button until the TV turns off. You can also back up by pressing the Ch- button.

    NOTE: Some TVs may respond slower than others to buttons pressed on the remote so wait at least 1 second between button presses.
  6. Test your remote to ensure it is working properly:
    - Turn on the TV by pressing the TV button on your FiOS TV remote.
    - Press the Vol+ and Vol- buttons to ensure that you can control the volume.
    - Press the Mute and A/V buttons to ensure they work.

    If any of these buttons do not work, press and hold that button. Release the button as soon as it is working.
  7. If all the buttons work, press OK to save your settings.
    The red LED light blinks 3 times and then turns off. Your remote control is now programmed.

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