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Troubleshoot Multi-Room DVR

Here are some common questions that may help troubleshoot your Multi-Room DVR issue:

  • With Multi-Room DVR, can I record programs from any STB in my home?

    You can only record programs from the main DVR hub. You can watch recordings on any other STB in your home. However, to watch programs on a 2500 model STB, they must be recorded in Standard Definition from your DVR. The 2500 Series of STBs cannot view High Definition recordings. However, you can watch HD recorded programs if you have an HD model Set-Top Box.

  • How can I set parental controls on the programs my kids access in their bedrooms from the DVR in our family room?

    Parental controls cannot be set on the non-DVR set-top boxes to restrict playback of specific ratings or channels from the main DVRs Recordings list. If the non-DVR set-top box is a standard definition box, it  will only have full access to all standard definition recorded content on your main DVR.

    The only way you can restrict playback would be to establish a PIN through the main DVR that would prevent access to recorded TV from all non- DVR set-top boxes

    The following steps can be followed to establish a PIN for your non-DVR set-top boxes:

    1. Select Settings from the Main Menu on the set-top box.
    2. Select Parental Controls.
    3. Enter the PIN to be used to protect MR-DVR access.
    4. Press Next.
    5. Press OK 5 times over the next few screens until the MR-DVR Block screen is displayed.
    6. Select Block MR-DVR.

    To confirm the setting:
    1. Go to Recorded TV.
    2. Select any show. The PIN screen is displayed.
    3. Enter the PIN. The recorded show is unblocked.


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