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Parental Controls

Many parents are concerned about their children watching unsuitable programming.

To offer parents more control over the programming and content their children can access, Verizon offers FiOS TV Parental Controls that enables parents to:

  • Use ratings to block what content can be viewed
  • Use age preferences to block content for a particular age group
  • Control the display of adult programming and information
  • Block specific channels
  • Block access to widgets that have potential harmful/private content (such as social networking Widgets for Facebook and Twitter)

To set up and use Parental Controls:
  1. Press the Menu button on your remote.

    The Main Menu is displayed on your TV screen.
  2. Highlight System and press OK/Select.
  3. Using the arrow buttons on your remote, highlight Settings and press OK/Select

    Note: Depending on your remote control, you'll need to press either the OK or Select button to make a selection.
  4. Select Parental/Purchase and press OK/Select.
  5. Create or enter your 4-digit Parental Controls PIN. You'll then need to retype your PIN to confirm your selection.
  6. Select Parental Controls to turn them on.
  7. Select Age Preferences to set up age specific content blocks or Parental Preferences to block by content rating/channel/day/time or to control adult information. 

    Important: Blocking any rating (such as TV-14) also automatically blocks all higher (more restrictive) ratings such as TV-MA.
  8. To disable parental controls, select Parental Controls: ON and select OFF



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