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Verizon FiOS TV App for iPad Watching Live TV on iPad
Verizon is proud to offer FiOS customers a new option for viewing select live TV channels within the home. If you subscribe to both FiOS TV and FiOS Internet, you can now use the Verizon FiOS Mobile app to watch FiOS content on your iPad!

How do I watch live TV on my iPad?
It’s easy to start watching select live streaming television channels* on your iPad using your home network and your FiOS services. If you already subscribe to both FiOS TV service and FiOS Internet service, simply go to the Live TV tab in the FiOS Mobile app and select a channel to begin streaming it from anywhere in your home.

*Not all channels in the FiOS TV lineup are available at this time.

Not sure exactly what you want to watch? Browse the channel selection using the genre filters at the top of the screen (All Categories, Movies, TV Shows, News, Sports, and Kids). It’s a quick and easy way to find something that interests you and is available for watching immediately. You can also pinch or double-tap the screen while watching any channel to display a mini guide that will show you what’s airing on other channels. Use it to change the channel or double-tap again to dismiss.

Don’t forget, you must be subscribed to the selected channel in your FiOS TV channel package in order to enjoy it on your iPad. To check your channel package subscriptions, go to and sign in. You can also add channels and upgrade your channel package from My Verizon or directly from your FiOS TV Set-Top Box using your remote control.

How do I use Parental Controls for live TV?
Parental Controls are available from the Settings menu in the FiOS Mobile app, and allow you to block currently airing programs by rating based on age category. Simply select the age category that is appropriate for your household (All Ages, Ages 7+, Ages 13+, Ages 17+, Ages 18+) and make sure the slider switch is set to ON.

You will then be prompted for your Parental Controls PIN each time you wish to watch content that has been blocked by the ratings you selected.

How do I use Closed Captioning for live TV?
Closed Captioning is available for most programs on most live TV channels. Any time you are watching a channel, you will see a Closed Captioning button in the upper right corner. Simply switch Closed Captioning to ON, and you should start seeing Closed Captioning being displayed whenever it is available for the selected program.

Please note that the Closed Captioning setting in the FiOS TV application only applies to content streamed within the application itself. Any Closed Captioning settings applied from the iPad Video Settings menu will not apply to content within the app.

What if I’m having problems viewing or hearing a particular channel or program?
You must be connected to a FiOS router to watch live TV. You will only be able to watch channels that are part of your current FiOS TV subscription plan or available through the FiOS router to which you are connected.
  • Make sure your iPad volume is working properly using the device’s settings or the physical volume buttons on the upper right side of the device.
  • Make sure your iPad is wirelessly connected to your FiOS home router.
  • Make sure your FiOS router is emitting a wireless signal and that all connections are properly seated. You may need to power off and power on your router or press the reset button to reset it.
  • Make sure you are in a FiOS home with both TV and Internet services.
  • Make sure you are subscribed to the channel you are trying to watch. To check your channel package subscriptions, go to and sign in.

Managing My DVR
If you have one or more DVRs in your home, you can use the FiOS Mobile app to manage your recordings and your DVR schedule from anywhere! To upgrade your service to include a DVR Set-Top Box, please click here
Click on Add/Return Equipment under TV Account Actions. If you are exchanging equipment, do not forget to check "Yes, I want to return some equipment" at the top of the form and we will send you a postage-paid box to easily return the old set-top box.

Is the DVR management feature supported by a non-Verizon provided router?
No, only Verizon provided routers are supported to work with the DVR management feature at this time.

I have a DVR but receive a "Set-Top Box is not responding" message when I try to access my DVR through the Verizon FiOS Mobile app or through the FiOS TV Central website. What do I do?
If your DVR information is not appearing, please check the following:
  • Are there other DVRs in your home that you can try to connect to? If one works while the other does not, you may have an equipment issue with that particular DVR.
  • Are you able to access and control your DVR from or If not, there could be a connectivity issue between our remote DVR servers and your home setup. Please contact customer support at 888-553-1555.
  • Are you using a Verizon-provided router with all the settings still intact? If you are using a third party router, this feature may not work.
  • Are you using a firewall or have you specifically blocked all the ports on your router? If so, that may cause connectivity issues as well.
  • If you have verified your router configuration is correct with no non-standard configurations and your service is still not working, please try the following steps:
    • Unplug your Verizon router and plug it back in.
    • When all of lights on the router come back on, reboot the Set-Top Box. You can do this by unplugging it and plugging it back in, or by going to Main Menu > Customer Support > In-Home Agent > Reboot Set-Top Box.
    • If the reboot is unsuccessful in solving the problem, contact customer support at 888-553-1555. Tell the representative you have a “web remote or remote DVR” issue, you cannot see your recorded programs or scheduled recordings, and you cannot create new recordings via the web or mobile application.

Using My iPad as a Remote Control
Lost your FiOS TV remote? Tired of fighting for control of what to watch? The FiOS Mobile app lets you use your iPad as a remote control for any HD Set-Top Box in your home when connected to your FiOS home router.

How do I connect my iPad with my Set-Top Box?
The FiOS Mobile app will ask you to sign in using your Verizon User ID and Password. NOTE: Your iPad should also be connected to your FiOS home router. If you have more than one router in your home, be sure to connect to the same router that your Set-Top Box is on.

Why won’t this app work with my standard definition (SD) Set-Top Box?
Standard definition Set-Top Boxes do not have the technical specifications to run our remote control application. To upgrade your service to include an SD Set-Top Box, please click here. Click on Add/Return Equipment under TV Account Actions. If you are exchanging equipment, do not forget to check "Yes, I want to return some equipment" at the top of the form and we will send you a postage-paid box to easily return the old Set-Top Box.

Why is the remote not communicating with my HD Set-Top Box?
There are a few possible reasons for having trouble communicating with your HD Set-Top Box:
  • Your iPad could be connected to another router. Please check to make sure your iPad is connected to your Verizon FiOS router and not a secondary router that may be connected to the LAN port of your FiOS router.
  • You may not be signed in to the FiOS Mobile app. Please go to Settings and make sure that you are signed in using your Verizon User ID and Password. This will allow the app to automatically detect the Set-Top Boxes on your account.
  • Your Set-Top Box could be offline or not responding. Please try restarting the Set-Top Box by unplugging it and plugging it back in to re-establish its network connection.
  • Your wifi connection could be out of range. You may want to move your wifi router so that it is closer to your FiOS TV, and therefore, your iPad.
  • Your wifi router could be offline. Please try restarting the wifi router to re-establish its network connection.

How can I adjust the volume of my Set-Top Box?
Press the Vol + or Vol - button on the remote control in the FiOS Mobile app to adjust the volume on your HD Set-Top Box (STB).

If you’re having trouble adjusting your volume and the STB is not responding to your commands, you may need to alter your Set-Top Box settings:
  • Press Menu
  • Navigate to Settings, then Audio, and then Volume Control
  • Select Variable and press OK
  • You should now be able to adjust your HD STB volume with your Mobile Remote app
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