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How many email addresses (accounts) can I have? All Verizon High Speed Internet packages include one account with eight additional sub-accounts, totaling nine accounts. You create these accounts by using the Create Sub-Account tool. When you create a sub-account, you can turn on various features like email,  and more.

How many email addresses can I have if I'm a Dial-up user?

All Dial-up packages include one email account, while the unlimited Dial-up access option comes with four email accounts. You can order additional email accounts for a small monthly fee.

Note: When you sign up with Verizon Online, you get a pre-assigned email address. This email address is your user name followed by, for example,

Along with your primary account, you also have eight sub-accounts -- up to nine email accounts at no extra charge.

Learn more about setting up sub-accounts.
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How do I create an email alias?
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