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Spam and Outgoing Message FAQs
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The Verizon Online Anti-Spam Policy strictly prohibits the use of the Verizon network to send or facilitate spam. Verizon takes preventive measures to reduce the amount of unsolicited email our customers receive and discourage spammers from using our network for spam-related activities. One such measure involves scanning incoming and outgoing email messages. The FAQs below provide information about how and why Verizon uses this technique to reduce spam.


Why does Verizon scan Email messages?
Scanning effectively reduces the amount of inbound spam our customers receive and limits the number of unsolicited messages that may otherwise originate from the Verizon network.



Scanning of both outbound and inbound email is an accepted industry practice that helps reduce overall spam on the Internet and the likelihood that messages sent from the domain will be blocked by other Internet Service Providers.

How does scanning work?
Scanning is an automated filtering process that compares the digital signatures of inbound and outbound email messages against the digital signatures of known spam messages. When a match is found, our filters block the message from being delivered to the intended recipient(s). Other than an automated scan against the spam signatures, the scanning process does not involve reading or accessing the content of any inbound or outbound email messages.

Will Verizon notify me if an email I’ve sent is identified as spam?
Yes. If you send an email that matches the digital signature of a known spam message, Verizon will block the message from being delivered and send you the following notice:

"The message you attempted to send was determined to be spam. Please visit for more information."

What should I do if I receive such a notice from Verizon?
If you believe we erred in identifying one of your outgoing emails as spam, you can send the original message to us at (Please be sure that the above email address is the sole recipient. Do not add other recipients in the "To", "CC" or "BCC" fields, or we will not receive your message. Do not alter the original message by adding or removing comments, text, or attachments.) Within an hour of receiving your report, we will reevaluate the digital signature and, if the message is believed to be legitimate, adjust our spam filters as appropriate. Please note that Verizon won’t notify you about the outcome of our review. Rather, you should try resending the message 30 – 60 minutes after submitting your report to Verizon.

Does Verizon restrict the number of emails I can send?
Yes. Please see Verizon’s Email Policy for information about limitations on sending email from accounts.

Can I opt out of email scanning?
No. Verizon scans the digital signatures of all inbound and outbound email messages to reduce the overall volume of spam on our network

What else can I do to protect my email account from spammers?
Always maintain your computer with the latest anti-virus software. Check your Verizon account periodically for any unauthorized sub-accounts, by logging into My Verizon, click on “Account”, then “Account Overview”. Scroll to the “Internet” section, and click on “Manage Sub-accounts”. If you don't recognize a sub-account that is listed, immediately delete it, and change your account and portal password and account secret question.

To change your account password and secret question, from the “Internet” section listed above, click “Change Internet Password".

To change your portal password and secret question, click the “Account Profile” button above your account number, and click “Edit” below both “Change Password” and “Change Secret Question”.
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