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When you are using email, the Verizon web-based email application, you can send attachments that are up to 8 MB (megabytes) in size. Emails sent using 3rd party email programs like Outlook, Lotus Notes, or Eudora, however; can contain attachments up to 20 MB. Be aware that email recipients may not have the necessary storage space or be able to accept large attachments. Many people (especially those who use a dial-up connection) consider 50 KB attachments to be too big to be sent without the recipient's permission.

Keep in mind that your recipients will not be able to open attachments unless they have software that supports that file type. Also, large files can take a long time to send or receive, and many email systems won't allow you to send files over 1 MB in size. Additionally, if you send email messages with large attachments via email don't save the outgoing message; that stores it on the mail server, increasing your mailbox use.
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