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 Router Security Update Customer security is a top priority for Verizon. Due to increased security threats against routers, we are reviewing the administrative password protection for the High Speed Internet (HSI) router/modem that Verizon provides in connection with your HSI Service.

During this review, we found many instances where HSI modems/routers are not protected by a strong password - - where there is no password at all set up on the router or the password used is a generic, "default" password like "password." Verizon is encouraging all HSI customers to take steps to strengthen their router's security by establishing a strong, unique, administrative password.

If you know that your router uses a strong password that is not easy for others to guess , there is no action for you to take at this time.  If you aren’t sure what password is set for your router or you want to change the password for your router, select the router/modem image below that matches what you have in your home for additional instructions.

VersaLink 7500 Actiontec GT704WGB Gateway
VersaLink 7500 Actiontec GT704WGB
 Westell 327W Gateway Actiontec GT704WG Gateway Verizon One
VersaLink 327WActiontec GT704WGVerizon One
Linksys BEFW11S4 Router Westell 2200 Modem Westell 6100 Gateway
Linksys BEFW11S4 Westell 2200 or 2210Westell 6100

IMPORTANT: From time-to-time, individuals send out emails pretending to be Verizon for the purposes of gathering passwords and other personal information. Verizon will not send you any email on this issue with a Web link that requests your password information or other sensitive data. The Web links we include in emails concerning this issue will only connect to additional sites where further information and updates may be found. If you receive an email that claims to be from Verizon on this security issue and it contains links that, when "clicked" ask for personal information or password data, do not provide that information.


More Information About Router Security and Frequently Asked Questions

What is a router/modem and why does it have a password?
The router/modem manages your connection to the Internet, certain local area network ("LAN") features and other network functions. The router/modem includes a login screen for accessing the "administrative" controls for the router/modem and to make changes to the router/modem settings. A "username" and "password" have to be entered to log in to the router/modem administrative controls.

Why are you sending out emails to HSI customers urging them to strengthen the administrative password for their HSI router?

We were recently made aware of an Internet router security issue. The potential risk raised by this security issue is greatest for routers that are not protected by a strong password - - this includes routers where no password is established as well as routers that use generic or default passwords, such as “password1.” For that reason, we are encouraging our customers to protect their HSI router with a strong password.

Is Verizon the only company affected by this security issue?
No. This issue is not specific to Verizon.

What are some examples of strong passwords?
Strong passwords are not easily guessed and include a combination of letters and numbers. For more information, please visit the Strong Password page.

    Why are generic passwords at risk?
    Generic passwords such as "password1" can be guessed by system attackers more easily than passwords that are unique to each customer.

    I changed the password for my router/modem to something that is not a default/generic password - - do I need to change my password again?
    Not if you changed your password to a strong password.

    Does Verizon monitor the router/modem?
    Verizon monitors the health of customer connections and receives some data from the router/modem. For example, we get updates when certain events occur, such as the router/modem being reset to factory defaults. Verizon also pushes out updated firmware to the router/modem and may make configuration/setting changes as-needed to add features, correct bugs and improve security.

    Should I be worried about my computer's security?
    There are always threats to your computer, but most of them can be avoided through basic steps applied consistently. Verizon keeps up with the latest findings in security research and provides services such as Verizon Internet Security Suite to further protect your systems. While no single action will fully protect a system, using a unique password is one step towards good security.

    See also: Wireless Home Network Security
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