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Need the basics? Learn more about Verizon Online High Speed Internet service and how it works.



Before you install High Speed Internet


Can you use your computer?
  • If you are viewing this page with the same computer that you will use with High Speed Internet, use the Check My PC tool to automatically check your computer.
  • Note: The Check My PC tool may take a few moments to run, and is not compatible with Macintosh computers.
Did your Service Ready Date arrive?
  • The Service Ready Date is the day that Verizon High Speed Internet activates the DSL signal on your telephone line.
  • Wait until your Service Ready Date arrives before installing Verizon High Speed Internet software.
  • Don’t know your Service Ready Date? Visit the Order Status tool on the What’s Next Web site and enter your phone number and last name

Did you receive your Self-Install Kit?

Your Self-install Kit will be delivered 1 or 2 days before your service-ready date. The Self-Install Kit includes:


High Speed Internet Filters
DSL Filter Image
Note: If you are using your High Speed Internet service on the same line as your home phone, your kit includes filters that plug into your phone jacks and prevent the data and voice signals from interfering with each other.
Which devices require filters?
Power Supply
Phone cord grahic
Quick Start Guide 
PDF graphic (1.5 MB).

Modem or Gateway
 Versalink Graphic 
Ethernet Cable
Ethernet Cable image 
Modem Phone Cord
 Phone Cord image



Important: Before you install High Speed Internet, make sure your Service Date has arrived. If you don’t know your Service Ready Date, visit the Order Status tool on the What’s Next Web site and enter your phone number and last name. 

Verizon High Speed Internet installation is a three-step process:

1. Install DSL filters on your phone devices (if applicable).

2. Install your Router or Gateway.

3. Install DSL software on your computer.


For setup and installation instructions, view the Quick Start Guide  PDF graphic (1.5 MB).

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