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Filter installation: DSL modem and phone share the same jack

Check if you need to install or replace a phone line DSL filter with the Verizon Troubleshooter.

If you need to connect your modem and a phone device into one jack, you'll need a High Speed Internet filter and a 2-for-1 jack (included in your installation kit) to complete your setup.

Remember: Installing filters on your phone devices is Step 1 of the Verizon High Speed Internet installation process. You need to install filters on all phone devices using a telephone line before installing your modem.

Figure depicting filter installation on phone jacks that share a modem and another phone device
High Speed Internet filter setup of a phone and modem sharing the same phone jack

To connect your modem and multiple phone devices on one phone jack:
  1. Plug the 2-for-1 jack into the wall.
  2. Plug your modem into one side of the 2-for-1 jack.

    Important: Do not install a filter on your modem.
    Figure depicting not installing a filter on your modem
  3. Plug a filter into one side of the 2-for-1 jack.
  4. Plug your phone devices into the filter you added in step 3.
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