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Hissing or noise on the telephone line If noise or hissing on your phone line wasn't there before you installed DSL, you probably forgot to install a DSL filter on one of the devices that shares the phone line.

  1. Make sure all phones and other devices have DSL filters attached.

    Note: If you have more than one phone line coming into your home, make sure each phone line has a DSL filter. It doesn't matter that you may only have your modem connected to one of the lines, or that you have two different phone numbers and accounts.

  2. Check that the line side of the DSL filter is plugged into the phone jack and the phone side of the DSL filter is plugged into the phone or other equipment.

  3. Figure depicting filter installation on standard telephone
    DSL filter installation on standard telephones

  4. Make sure the modem is not connected to a DSL filter.

  5. Plug the modem directly into a phone jack so the jack is not shared with another phone or device.

  6. Plug the modem into another available phone jack, if possible. If the hiss or background noise is gone, replace the phone jack where you originally connected your modem.

  7. Disconnect all phones and devices in your home except for one phone and the modem.

    • If the hissing or background noise persists, switch out the phone.
    • If the hissing and background noise is gone, the problem is probably in one of the devices or the DSL filter for a device. Plug in the phones and devices one-at-a-time and check for noise on the phone after each device is connected until you have isolated the problem device.
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