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  • How to Use Selective Call Blocking You must activate Selective Call Blocking before each call. Activating Selective Call Blocking
    1. Lift your phone's receiver and listen for the dial tone.

    2. Press *67.
      Dial 1167 on a rotary dial phone.

    3. Listen for the confirmation tone, followed by the dial tone.

    4. Dial the phone number where you want to prevent your number from being displayed.
      The word "Private" or "P" will appear on the display unit of the called party.
    Your call is blocked for one time only. Selective Call Blocking turns off after each call. You must reactive the service each time you want your telephone number blocked. If the called number has Anonymous Call Rejection activated, your call will not be answered.

    Your number will not be blocked to 911, toll-free numbers, or 700/900 services.
    Not all calls can be blocked Calls to 911, toll-free (800 or 877) and 900 services cannot be blocked. Calls to some wireless customers may not be blocked.

    All calling features are subject to availability and compatibility restrictions.

    Instructions for FiOS Digital Voice Calling Features

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