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  • Local & National Directory Assistance Dial 411 to locate a local or national telephone number, published listing, name, or address anywhere in the United States. To obtain a phone number, you need to know the city, state, and the listed name. You do not need to know the area code. The system will prompt you to provide this information as it searches for the listing.

    Directory Assistance charges are applied to these requests. Local Directory Assistance calls may be eligible for call allowances, depending on your state. Call allowances not used within one billing period cannot be transferred to an additional billing period or to another account.
    Introduction Verizon uses a combination of automated and live operator resources to provide directory assistance. The voice recognition feature gathers your responses to determine the correct number you are requesting. Here are some steps you can take to ensure a successful call:

    • Keep background noise to a minimum - noise may interfere with the processing of your commands.

    • Only provide information that is requested at each prompt - the system is programmed to go step by step. Excessive information will hinder the search. For example if asked for the listing, do not provide the address as well. Always wait for the system to prompt you.

    • Speak the name, even if it is hard to pronounce. The system does not respond to the spelling of words.

    • Speak naturally. The system is programmed to respond to the regular tone and speed of your voice. If you speak in an exaggerated manner, such as too slowly or very loudly, it will inhibit the search.

    • If you need alternate services beyond the standard directory listing, such as an area code, address, or reverse search, use the Voice Recognition feature to your best advantage.
    Instructions Dial 411 to access our Directory Assistance and follow the instructions below for each of the special search features we offer.

    • Search by Type of Business: Use our Business Category Search feature to locate businesses by heading or industry. If you do not know the exact name of the business, directory assistance operators can search for the type of business using a category that you provide, such as a plumber or an automobile mechanic. When you dial 411, say the city and state in which you want to search. When prompted to give a listing, just say “category search.” You will be taken to a live operator to complete your request.

    • Address: Once you have provided the city and state as requested by the system, it will prompt you for a listing. Say "address," and you will be taken to a live operator to complete your request.

    • Reverse Number Search: If you would like to know the listed name associated with a specific telephone number you already have, say "reverse number search" when the system prompts you for the city and state. You will be taken to a live operator to complete your request. (This service is not available in North Carolina.)

    • Area Codes: To get the area code of a specific city, say the city name at the "city and state" prompt and then say "area code" when the system asks you for the listing. You will be taken to an operator who will complete your request.

    • Country Code: To dial a call to another country, you will need the International Dialing Code or Country Code. At the "City and State" prompt, just say "Country Code" and you will be taken to a live operator to complete your request.
    Directory Assistance Call Completion
    You can automatically dial local telephone numbers that you obtain from Verizon's Directory Assistance (usually for an additional charge) by pressing 1 at anytime after the requested number has been announced. The system will dial the number for you and if the number is not answered or busy, you will be billed for the directory assistance request only, not for the call completion charge for that call.

    Directory Assistance call completion rates vary by state.

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