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  • Unpublished/Unlisted Telephone Numbers and Unsolicited Calls Your unpublished and unlisted telephone number may still receive unsolicited calls from other companies even if your number is on the Verizon Do Not Call list.

    Verizon does not sell or provide unpublished and/or unlisted telephone numbers to other companies or organizations outside Verizon. Sometimes, however, a company with which you have conducted business sells your unlisted and/or unpublished telephone number to other businesses and organizations, which results in unsolicited telephone calls. For additional information, see how to add your name and number to the National Do Not Call list.
    Unsolicited calls from Verizon Verizon contacts all customers, including those with unpublished and unlisted telephone numbers, regarding new product information and services.

    If you do not want to receive sales calls from Verizon, please contact Verizon to be added to the Verizon Do Not Call and/or Do Not Mail lists. We will add your number to the Do Not Call list within 30 days and the Do Not Mail list within 90 days.

    Note Verizon does not sell or provide unpublished or unlisted telephone numbers to companies or organizations outside Verizon.
    Additional Verizon calls You may still receive survey requests, customer notifications, account information updates, and other non-marketing mail or calls from Verizon after you request your removal from a marketing list. Surveys, notifications, account updates, and other non-marketing activity are not considered solicitation and Verizon is required to notify customers of rewards or changes to their account. Survey feedback is used to ensure high quality of service.

    Note Verizon Wireless is not covered by this policy.

    See also: Related Non-Published and Non-Listed Service topics
    Preventing Unsolicited Mail and Telemarketing Calls from Verizon
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