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  • Non-Published, Non-Listed, and Additional Listings   Non-Published Service
    • Your name, address, and telephone number are not published in the Verizon Directory White Pages.

    • Your telephone number is not available from Directory Assistance (411).

    Non-Listed Service
    • Your name, address, and phone number are not published in the Verizon Directory.

    • Your telephone number is available from Directory Assistance (411).

    Additional Listings

    Each telephone number is entitled to a single listing in the directory. Some customers have need for additional listings for the same telephone number such as a roommate or business partner. Customers may request to add listings in addition to the primary listing already provided for a telephone number for an additional monthly cost. There are several types of additional listings, including foreign listings (listing your number in a non-Verizon area) and alternate number listings (on weekends call this number). The rates vary by state.

    Listings for Non-Verizon Customers

    If you do not have a telephone number with Verizon but you have a wireless phone or other landline number with another company, and would like to list that number in our directory and directory assistance, contact Verizon's business office to place an order. Charges may apply for service.

    Ordering Information

    Please contact Verizon to order an additional listing, Non-Listed or Non-Published Service. A service fee may apply. Charges vary from state to state.

    Canceling Information

    To cancel Non-Published or Non-Listed Service, contact Verizon.

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