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Set-Top Box Dimensions

Below are the dimensions for all set-top boxes that Verizon currently provides:

Motorola models 7216 & 7100

Height:2.57 inches
Width:17.02 inches
Depth:10.78 inches

Motorola QIP 7000 Series Receiver
Motorola 7216/7100 Receivers

Motorola models 6416, 6200 & 2708

Height:2.75 inches (7.00 cm)
Width:17.02 inches (43.23 cm)
Depth:10.78 inches (27.38 cm)
Weight:6416: 14 lbs
6200: 11 lbs
2708: 11.5 lbs

Figure depicting the Motorola 6XXX Series Equipment
Motorola 6416/6200/2708 Receivers*

Motorola 2500 Set-Top Box

Height:2.75 inches (7.00 cm)
Width:14.75 inches (37.5 cm)
Depth:10.00 inches (25.4cm)
Weight:5.5 lbs


Figure depicting the Motorola 2500 Set-Top Box
Motorola 2500 Receiver

Motorola DCT-700

Height:1.75 inches
Width:5.5 inches
Depth:6.6 inches
Weight:.85 lbs

Figure depicting the DCT-700 Digital Consumer Terminal
Digital Consumer Terminal

*External design of model 2708 is slightly different than as shown here

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