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Verizon Wireless National Accessibility Customer Service Center
1.888.262.1999 or
*611 from your wireless phone

8:30 am to 5:30 pm ET 
Monday - Friday

Fios & Traditional Phone

Verizon Center for Customers with Disabilities
1.800.974.6006 Voice
or TTY 508.251.5301 Videophone
8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST

Monday - Friday

Visual Assistance

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For customers who are blind or visually impaired, Verizon offers assistance such as an audible on-screen guide and descriptive video service for Fios TV. Find plans, services and tools made for the way you communicate.

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Text to Speech functionality for the Fios TV on-screen guide can enhance accessibility for customers with visual or other impairments. Text to Speech provides an audible voice readout of on-screen text, such as menu and guide data. This feature can be enabled or disabled via the on-screen guide.

How to enable Text to Speech

Text to Speech functionality is available on most Verizon set-top boxes. The feature can be enabled via the settings menu:

Menu  >   Settings  >   System  >   Accessibility  >   Text to Speech  >   on/off

If you need help getting the Text to Speech feature to work on your set-top box, contact us anytime at 1.800.Verizon (1.800.837.4966). One of our skilled representatives can enable the feature for you remotely.

Set-top box compatibility

If you are disabled and feel you would benefit from Text to Speech but have a set-top box that isn’t compatible with this functionality, you can swap your set-top box for a compatible alternative at no charge. If you need help installing new equipment, a Verizon technician will assist you at no charge.


Descriptive Video Service (DVS) provides an audible narrative description of key visual elements to aid visually impaired viewers.

When available from the broadcast provider, Fios TV customers can take advantage of this service through the Fios set-top box’s Secondary Audio Program (SAP). Here’s how to enable DVS via the Fios set-top menu:

Settings  >   System  >   Accessibility  >   DVS  >   ON

Accessible emergency information

Fios TV makes emergency information available aurally via the Secondary Audio Program (SAP) whenever content providers include this information in their programming content.

You can activate SAP via the program menu:

Settings  >   Audio & Video  >   Audio  >   Audio Selection


Verizon offers Fios TV guides and channel lineups in several formats to suit your needs.

To download a PDF of the following materials in large print, just click the link below:


Other Resources

Would you prefer a printed copy be sent to you?

You can also request that a printed copy of these materials be shipped to you in either large-print format or braille. Please note that fulfillment may take up to 10 business days.


You can also choose to have your channel lineup read to you.

By enabling Text to Speech on your compatible set-top box, your channel lineup can be read to you through your TV.

Learn how to enable Text to Speech 


To assist Verizon customers with visual and other impairments, Verizon will provide bills or product and service brochures in alternate media formats upon request. The following alternate formats are available:

  • Braille
  • Large print format
  • Audio CD
  • CD-ROM

It may take 1 to 2 bill cycles to receive your first bill in alternate format. During this time, you will continue to receive your bill and remit slip in the standard format.


To request materials in alternate media formats:

For Verizon Wireless Customers

Verizon Wireless National Accessibility
Customer Service Center
8:30 am to 5:30 pm ET, Monday - Friday
1.888.262.1999 or *611 from your wireless phone

For Verizon Fios & Traditional Phone Customers

Verizon Center for Customers with Disabilities:
Toll-free at 1.800.974.6006 Voice
or TTY 508.251.5301 Videophone
Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Email us at:


Unlimited Plans are a great option for many customers who may have a disability. They include unlimited data, talk and text, which gives you the freedom to use your device how it works best for you.  Whether you’re video-chatting, texting, calling, or surfing the web, you’ll get all the data you need.

Our Unlimited Plans include:

  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • HD video streaming
  • Mobile hotspot
  • Mexico & Canada service
  • Military discount eligible

Check out our Unlimited Plans


Unlimited FAQs

How does the line access fee work with my smartphone device payment?

If you're currently making monthly device payments or own your device, the monthly access charge will be $20.

If you purchased the phone at a discounted price, the monthly access charge will remain at $40 until each device contract expires. Once each device contract expires, the monthly access charge automatically drops to $20.

What happens if I use more than 22 GB of data?

Most of the time customers will enjoy the same great network experience once they exceed 22 GB during a billing cycle. If you've already used 22 GB on a particular line during your current billing cycle and you're on a cell site that is congested at that moment, your download may be temporarily queued behind other Verizon Wireless customers, which may result in slightly slower download speeds.

Will customers on the unlimited plan still be eligible to receive employee and business discounts?

Customers on the unlimited plan will not be eligible for an employee discount or corporate plan discount.

But with Auto Pay and paper-free billing, you can save an additional $5 off the monthly account access fee for a single-line plan and an additional $10 off for a multi-line plan.

Please note that military service members are still eligible to receive their military discount under the unlimited plan.


Prepaid Plans are an excellent choice for customers who don’t want a long-term commitment or would like to avoid the inconvenience of a credit check. Get all the benefits of the best network without an annual contract.

There are several plans to choose from, all of which include unlimited talk and text within the U.S. Families can mix and match plans and save when they add 2-5 lines.

Our prepaid plans include:

  • Unlimited U.S. Talk & Text
  • Carryover Data
  • Unlimited Text to over 200 international destinations
  • Mobile hotspot tethering

Check out our Prepaid Plans


Prepaid FAQs

What is Verizon Wireless prepaid service?

Prepaid service lets you pay in advance for monthly voice, text and data services on your mobile device. There's no credit check, deposit or long-term contract required like you'd have with a standard account (which gives you a bill for your usage at the end of each month).

You can choose from several monthly plan options that include different high speed data allowances for a set price. As the balance of your high speed data allowance gets low or your service expiration date approaches, you can make a payment to your account to keep your service active.

Managing your prepaid account is convenient, and you can do it anytime online or from your smartphone.


Where can I use my prepaid service?

Prepaid service is available in the Prepaid Rate and Coverage Area. To see where prepaid service is available:

  1. Go to our interactive coverage map.
  2. Tap or click the Menu icon in the top left corner of the map.
  3. Select Prepaid.

The prepaid coverage map will display.

Calls made or received outside of this calling area will be charged at a roaming rate. See the Prepaid International page for rate details.

Note: If your smartphone can use Wi-Fi Calling and the feature is turned on, you can call from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi calls to US phone numbers are free, even while traveling internationally.


What phones can I use with Verizon Wireless prepaid service?

You can view all prepaid phones and other devices that are available for purchase on our Prepaid Shop page.

You can also check online for the prepaid eligibility of a phone you already have (including iPhone®):

  1. Go to the Bring Your Own Device page.
  2. Enter the requested information (including your Device ID and SIM ID). Note: Instructions for how to find that info is in the Device ID & Info section of the Device Support page for your phone.
  3. Tap or click Add to cart & pick a plan to see what standard and prepaid plans your phone is eligible for.

Learn more about bringing your own device on our Bring Your Own Device FAQs page.

What is Carryover Data?

Carryover Data lets you keep your unused, high speed data until the end of the following month. It's available on the following plans for prepaid smartphones*:

  • $30 Monthly
  • $40 Monthly
  • $50 Monthly
  • $60 Monthly

Carryover Data will expire after 30 days or if your plan isn't renewed on time (i.e., there must be sufficient funds in your account when your plan reaches its expiration date).

Learn more in our Carryover Data FAQs.

*Carryover Data is also included on select older prepaid smartphone plans that are no longer available.



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