08.07.2020|Inside Verizon

My Why: Pepsi LaMar

By: Elizabeth Maly

Pepsi’s taking her leadership skills and artistic talents to the Pacific Northwest.

This week’s My Why features Pepsi LaMar, a managing partner whose recent promotion is sending her to Bellevue, Washington.

Pepsi’s passion for Verizon drives her motivation to develop future leaders.

What is My Why?

To celebrate Verizon’s 20th anniversary, we’re highlighting the Verizon journeys, accomplishments, passions and goals of 20 dynamic and diverse V Teamers.

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About the author(s):

Liz is a member of the Verizon Employee Communications team supporting local area communications. She’s a dog mom with a passion for skiing, traveling and keeping up with the latest urban attractions and activities in Denver.

My Why

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